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I know, I know, I havent updated my blogs for a long while. But hey, its not like you're reading my blog either. Yes, I'm talking to all zero of you. However, in case you guys wonder what made me feel like updating this shit again especially that i've been experiencing lack of blog libido, the sole reason is because, when I logged into my blogspot for the first time after few months today, look at the stats (it has been my habit, dont judge me.) and shocked the shit out of me (not literally though, because thats just disgusting!) to see that my blog visitors for this week gets past 100. The last time that happened is months ago before I started loosing visitors. I dont fucking ask you if you have more than that every week, so, save that brag. Back to the thing, so, this had somehow motivated me to start blogging again. Honestly, I have no exact topic, but out of the urge, I just write this. So, just shut up and suck it.

Im really stuck at this paragraph, actually. I dont know what to write about. Blank.

Still nothing.....

and nothing...

ah, yes, maybe I should write bout Smosh. Yeah, that sounds good. So, lately, I've been spending most of my sleepless night on youtube. Youtube surfing from one video to another (I dare you fucking tell me I should get a life! I have life.). So, of course, I had stumbled upon some cute videos like this one;

Or, a very cool one like this;

Fine, I'm not Ray William Johnson. Fuck it.

Oh, okay, back to Smosh. Well, you know, if youre a youtube surfer its damn impossible if you say you dont know Smosh. In case you really have no idea what Smosh is, its actually sorta like a rare STD that cause your sexual organ to swell and have blue rashes. And its not blue waffle (Please, dont google it. This is not a reverse psychology, this is honestly a serious fucking disclaimer). Oh, and if you wonder why Smosh started with capital letter, actually, its because the disease is named after the scientist who found it. Same case as Golgi and Tourette (youre safe to google these two things if you dont know).

Believe me? If you honestly do believe that, you can either keep teabagging everyday or somebody need to shoot you in the head right now. I lied. Well, its not exactly a lie because its obviously too fake to be true. But if you had fell for that, you deserve a punch on your balls for being too dumb. 

Okay, basically, Smosh is a duo youtube entertainer in their early 20s (just guessing tho) which are Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla. Weird family name, I know. So, these guys have two channels on youtube; IanH and smosh.  Most of their videos are just videos of them acting (I really doubt this choice of word) stupid and dorky. No, its not that kind of stupid stupid. Its funny stupid. Okay, now i sound like a tard. Scratch that.

These guys first appearance on youtube was on 2005 where they made a lip sync video of the Pokemon theme song (dont worry, its not as bizarre as that Keenan boy. Sorry dude, Im not insulting you but honestly, your videos make me feel uncomfortable). And the video got like more than 27 millions hits. So, from that on, they started with more lip sync videos and then short sketches and stuffs. The original Pokemon theme song they did was removed years ago because at that time, youtube consider it as copyright infringement. Anyway, I did found the original video on youtube but its not uploaded by Smosh, but who cares right, as long as its the damn same thing; 

Its the year 2011, and these kids had probably been one of the most influential blokes on youtube. Honestly. If you watch their older videos, I must admit, I would rather watch shit dry than seeing a video with bad lighting and camera that sucks balls. But however, if you watch their past few years videos, its just awesome. I mean, if they cant make you laugh, you must either have severe brain damage or maybe, youre not the fun kind. If you are the later, well, what can i say, you have a fucking fucked up life. And i wont be surprise if you say you have dead babies in your fridge right now.

Ian Hecox

Somehow I find it really hard to believe that this guy is not gay. I mean, just look at this picture. duh.

Im not promoting these guys. They're already effing famous. I suspect they only work from home making videos. Screw exams and big jobs. Youtube pays them handsomely for their quirkiness. Jealous? You should be.

I reckon thats it for this time. Thanks for reading to the very end. I wanna kiss you for that. LOL. Just joking. Well, unless if you're hot, then why not. Fuck it. Scratch that. Now I sound like a perv. Anyway, I promise you that Im gonna keep updating this blog for your enjoyment (which I doubt). However, Im not adult enough to keep with promises, so, most probably I'll fail at that. But yea, I'll try my best. depending on my blog-libido still. 

P/S: Ian and Anthony should pay me for this.

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