Monday, December 19, 2011

C'est la Vie

Now, people, i dont know if its TV or anything, but before I enter college, i have this mindset of college life to be a lot more fun and interesting. You know, hot people, lots of crazy activities, fun stuffs here and there but instead, its more of like high school for me. Only lamer and crappy at every single ways. Not exaggerating, I hella seriously mean it. I mean come on! I HAVE LIFE IN HIGH SCHOOL! Im not sure if its just my college but dude, im not kidding college took my life away and blimmey, it fuckin sucks.

Frankly speaking, I miss high school. Why? Because I had life back then. Anyway, since I'm shitting bout this whole 'life' thingy, i reckon you guys might need to know what life means to me. So, basically, to me, life is;
1) all about having people hating you.
Look, Im not saying that i like being hated but you need to have some enemies to have life. You get me, right? I mean, if everybody - yes, im talking bout teachers, janitors, plants, assholes, shitdips, and any kind of other living creatures - and everybody loves you, look me in my eyes and tell me you have a freakin life. Hell even Bieber have haters (count me in). 

2) having your friends stabbing your back
Im not a big fan of this cancerous shit, but yea, its kinda crucial if youre to say that you got life. People hate backstabers and yep, I hate them too but sometimes, this is what made up your life. Its what that create those downfall moments of life and trust me, without downfall you'll never be on top. And again, back stabbers are very good at making you fall and by falling, you'll have something to do with your life to get back up again, which is, KILL THOSE MOTHAFUCKIN BACKSTABBERS! And then, voila, you just have something with your life. And oh, by the way, if you're one of those pansyass who cries and gets all emo cutting your wrists or doing other shits like that, its either you're an idiot or you just dont know how to handle stuffs like this which keeps you locked on the ground never to get back up again. Either way, you're pathetic.

3) scandals and gossips
I know my first two definition of life is kinda horrible but this one, is my favourite. You can have girlfriends, boyfriends, flings, crushes, sex-partners, or whatever, but scandals and gossips are like the spice to these social craps. I understand that once you're committed with your partner you'll be like you dont want anything to happen between both of you, you want to stay together forever, blah blah blah cheap crap. I dont know bout you, but for me, I believe that relationship without any rows is like a timebomb waiting to explode. It means that, you and your partner is gonna go your own friggin ways for good in any seconds soon. Fight is good. Especially if the fight involves scandals or gossips. Im not saying that you should create a scandal or whatever, but when the issue arises, the tense air between you and your partner, its going to be the moment of truth. Either she/he gonna dumps you or she/he'll stay. Anyway, we have to look at this in two situation. A) if you're actually cheating on her/him and your partner decides to leave you, this means that you're leading a badass life. Not saying its not good but its just... badass. And naughty. But, if your partner decides to stay with you, your partner will leave you anyway. Maybe not now, but she/he'll pass soon enough. Its just a matter of time. However, in a situation of B) you didnt cheat on her/him and its just a rumour/gossip, she/he leaves you and your partner is obviously a whore. She-whore or a man-whore, same thing. Your partner is just overreacting and she/he might as well been screwing your best friends right behind your back. And thats a backstabber. Anyway, if she stays, she/he is an angel face and your partner loves you. She/he trusted you enough to let go of that rumours which means you both deserve each other. And if any ways in any situations i've just mentioned happened to you, stand tall cus you got life.

4) Good grades and stuffs like that
Rainbows, unicorns, mermaids, yada yada, people love happy shits. Its one of the reason we keep on living. But fun stuffs alone wont give you any life. Its supposed to be in mix with at least one if not all of the above. Its the law of life. You can't just be happy all the time. Apart from its impossible, its also a sign of having no life. Why? Because you reached the aim of life. Get it? Yea, we all wanna have the happy ending but trust me, there is no such thing as a happy ending! Its not even a theory, its just... something people say in fairy tales. Easier said, its like women's orgasm. Women get that small 'happy' moments at intervals during the sex. There is no happy endings. You get happy over stuffs and then you'll have to go through shits to experience another happiness! By shits, im referring to the turbulence or troubles that we face which made our life. So, yeah, good grades and stuffs like that are one of the component of life but never the life itself. And oh, by the way, its possible to have a happy ending, which is if you end up in heaven after you're dead. But then, you're dead at that time. And dead is equal to lifeless.

So, yep. thats what life is to me. Maybe some people would find this hard to accept and disturbing in a way, but bitch, this is my blog. I'll write whatever i want. Call me shits, but hell i never give a fuck to mofos like that. Cheers! 

Friday, September 16, 2011

Haters Gonna Hate

Remember the last time I promised to keep blogging? I know, it took me exactly 95 days since my last word for this bitch to be uploaded but hey, i did keep my promise! Hail the whore. So, here it is, things that I seriously fucking hate;

1) People who does stupid things just to look cool.
Hint: smoke, cigarettes, lung cancer, death. Go figure. 
I mean, come on, there is absolutely, NOTHING cool bout being stupid. Like seriously. Unless if you got brain damage, its completely okay to think so. Anyway, lemme get this straight, smoking does not equal to cool or hot or whatsoever it is. It just made you look stupid, and somehow, die younger. I guess, its the Im-gonna-be-a-doctor-soon thingy thats playing but honestly, once you had that cigar on your lips, you deserve to die. One puff, and you need to die. Its just like buying a ticket to Rebecca Black's concert, only better.   

Its not like I had any previous bad experience with smokers, but i guess, its in my gene. Im born to hate you smokers. My dad smokes when he was in high school (or at least, thats what my mum told me), and i cant hate him for that. Especially that he had stopped. What im trying to say is that, guys, smokin aint cool and if you're telling me theres nothing you can do stop it, bitch, tell me all about it, I knew lots of other people who had stopped. As bitchy and pansy-ass I might sound right now, Im pretty sure that you smokers knew exactly that whatever you just read is the cancerous truth. Yea, of course im wrong. blah, blah, blah.

One thing you need to know bout me, I got stuffs to kill. And for some random wankers to get in my way and simply took hours of my day just because they think they're too awesome to give a damn, i say, fuck that damned filthy cumdumpster whorebag waste of a human being. Easily put, if you take gossiping and acting all cute (while your face is a perfect representation of a deformed cunt) like a princess that you didnt even notice a single bit that the person behind you is strangling with himself not to murder you because you're walking too slow for the whole walkway/corridor, somebody need to fucking murder you. Honestly, it wont hurt a teeny bit if you just take a peek behind while you're busy bitching bout your cat's poop. 

My point is, should any of you who happen to read this walks in front of me on a narrow walkway, please, stop talking craps and spare me your second to take a peek at me behind you. If i looks like im going to stab somebody with a fuckin spear, i ask of you kindly, please, make way for me. You get me, right? I mean, that annoyance feeling of having to walk slowly because you're blocked by some useless skanks shitting each other when you're in rush? Yea, its like cockblock but far more torturing.

3) I love queuing.
Again, my time is precious. One thing that I hate most other than somebody cut my line when im queuing, is this type of person who dont know how to actually use the line. Sorry to say, most of the time, this always happen to the ladies. Not being sexist or rude here, hear me out and you'll agree. 

The thing is, sometimes, when i queue to pay for my doughnuts, or my cup of coffee, or any-fuckin-thing else, there would be this one type of bitch who will wait patiently in the line in front of me and when she gets to the cashier counter, she'll pour out motherfucking everything from her handbag to the motherfucking counter because she cant find he motherfucking piggy purse. Everytime it happens, I would be like, WHAT THE FUCK! Seriously! WHAT THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN DOING WHILE YOURE ON THE QUEUE THAT YOU DECIDED TO LOOK FOR YOUR DAMN WALLET IN FRONT OF THE FUCKING CASHIER! Trust me, its the worst feeling you can ever have. Sometimes, it feels like as if her face is begging and pleading badly for my punch. Even typing this out had made me felt angry.

Im fine if she was just looking for her purse, but what bother me is the fact that she'll take much and much time just to gather all of her lip balms, eyeliners, and pads back into her handbag. Gosh, I wonder if being considerate had been overrated because its real hard to see it nowadays. People are getting stupid and selfish each day. Especially stupid. Supposedly, when you're in the queue, you're supposed get ready to pay the cashier not just standing clueless like an idiotic statue. At least, use your brain and show some compassionate toward others. Stop being selfish. You can be a bitch, but please, never ever bitch on others because we'll just hate you for that.

Anyway, I must say, thats the end of this times post. I'll write again soon (probably). And my apologise if its not as good as my previous posts. Im just damn sleepy right now. So, till next time, adieu.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Random picture

I know, I know, I havent updated my blogs for a long while. But hey, its not like you're reading my blog either. Yes, I'm talking to all zero of you. However, in case you guys wonder what made me feel like updating this shit again especially that i've been experiencing lack of blog libido, the sole reason is because, when I logged into my blogspot for the first time after few months today, look at the stats (it has been my habit, dont judge me.) and shocked the shit out of me (not literally though, because thats just disgusting!) to see that my blog visitors for this week gets past 100. The last time that happened is months ago before I started loosing visitors. I dont fucking ask you if you have more than that every week, so, save that brag. Back to the thing, so, this had somehow motivated me to start blogging again. Honestly, I have no exact topic, but out of the urge, I just write this. So, just shut up and suck it.

Im really stuck at this paragraph, actually. I dont know what to write about. Blank.

Still nothing.....

and nothing...

ah, yes, maybe I should write bout Smosh. Yeah, that sounds good. So, lately, I've been spending most of my sleepless night on youtube. Youtube surfing from one video to another (I dare you fucking tell me I should get a life! I have life.). So, of course, I had stumbled upon some cute videos like this one;

Or, a very cool one like this;

Fine, I'm not Ray William Johnson. Fuck it.

Oh, okay, back to Smosh. Well, you know, if youre a youtube surfer its damn impossible if you say you dont know Smosh. In case you really have no idea what Smosh is, its actually sorta like a rare STD that cause your sexual organ to swell and have blue rashes. And its not blue waffle (Please, dont google it. This is not a reverse psychology, this is honestly a serious fucking disclaimer). Oh, and if you wonder why Smosh started with capital letter, actually, its because the disease is named after the scientist who found it. Same case as Golgi and Tourette (youre safe to google these two things if you dont know).

Believe me? If you honestly do believe that, you can either keep teabagging everyday or somebody need to shoot you in the head right now. I lied. Well, its not exactly a lie because its obviously too fake to be true. But if you had fell for that, you deserve a punch on your balls for being too dumb. 

Okay, basically, Smosh is a duo youtube entertainer in their early 20s (just guessing tho) which are Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla. Weird family name, I know. So, these guys have two channels on youtube; IanH and smosh.  Most of their videos are just videos of them acting (I really doubt this choice of word) stupid and dorky. No, its not that kind of stupid stupid. Its funny stupid. Okay, now i sound like a tard. Scratch that.

These guys first appearance on youtube was on 2005 where they made a lip sync video of the Pokemon theme song (dont worry, its not as bizarre as that Keenan boy. Sorry dude, Im not insulting you but honestly, your videos make me feel uncomfortable). And the video got like more than 27 millions hits. So, from that on, they started with more lip sync videos and then short sketches and stuffs. The original Pokemon theme song they did was removed years ago because at that time, youtube consider it as copyright infringement. Anyway, I did found the original video on youtube but its not uploaded by Smosh, but who cares right, as long as its the damn same thing; 

Its the year 2011, and these kids had probably been one of the most influential blokes on youtube. Honestly. If you watch their older videos, I must admit, I would rather watch shit dry than seeing a video with bad lighting and camera that sucks balls. But however, if you watch their past few years videos, its just awesome. I mean, if they cant make you laugh, you must either have severe brain damage or maybe, youre not the fun kind. If you are the later, well, what can i say, you have a fucking fucked up life. And i wont be surprise if you say you have dead babies in your fridge right now.

Ian Hecox

Somehow I find it really hard to believe that this guy is not gay. I mean, just look at this picture. duh.

Im not promoting these guys. They're already effing famous. I suspect they only work from home making videos. Screw exams and big jobs. Youtube pays them handsomely for their quirkiness. Jealous? You should be.

I reckon thats it for this time. Thanks for reading to the very end. I wanna kiss you for that. LOL. Just joking. Well, unless if you're hot, then why not. Fuck it. Scratch that. Now I sound like a perv. Anyway, I promise you that Im gonna keep updating this blog for your enjoyment (which I doubt). However, Im not adult enough to keep with promises, so, most probably I'll fail at that. But yea, I'll try my best. depending on my blog-libido still. 

P/S: Ian and Anthony should pay me for this.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Book Review: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time - Mark Haddon

I had book-crush on her.. aww..
My rating: ❤1/2 

This is a murder mystery novel. Siobhan said that I should write something I would want to read myself. Mostly I read books about science and maths. I do not like proper novels. In proper novels people say things like, "I am veined with iron, with silver and with streaks of common mud. I cannot contract into the firm fist with which those clench who do not depend on stimulus." What does this mean? I do not know. Nor does Father. Nor does Siobhan or Mr. Jeavons. I have asked them.
-Christopher John Francis Boone-

I know, the title itself is curious enough.. but who cares, as long as its a time worthy read.. In fact, i think, the curious title is very catchy and attractive.. and for the cover, I LOVE IT.. Its very simple, but when you read it, you'll know why the book is covered in that particular fashion.. It just suits well with the storyline.. To add to the fun part, when you read this book with the cover exposed, at first sight, scratch that, make it maybe even after a few times  squinting the book you're reading, it would seem like you're reading the book upside down.. Funny, right? seriously, the first time I had my hand on this book, I was like, wait, how to read this?.. Its just that when we look at the cover, the first thing we would notice is the silhouette of an horizontally inverted poodle.. So, scientifically, our mind would assume that the book we're holding is actually, upside down, disregarding the orientation of the wordings.. Why? Simple answer, because our mind had tendency to trust images rather than words.. I'm sorry if its not that accurate - well, I dont expect it to be - because I made it up.. But, seriously, its believable right? 

Whoa, this is the longest book cover description I had ever posted in The Adult Circus's history of book review.. Anyway, moving to the content, the whole story is based on the point of view of an autistic 15 years old boy.. Being autistic, aside from the slow mental capability of translating signs, gestures, or any other stuffs, this boy, Christopher John Francis Boone, is very genius.. Mathematically, and physics-wise.. Because the whole story is narrated by Christopher himself, he never said that he is autistic, instead, he describe himself as a mathematician with behaviour problem..

However, things change one night when Christopher found the dead body of his neighbour's black poodle.. Christopher decided to investigate the murder of that dog.. Sounds silly, right? but believe me, the storyline is far more than that.. Its about his adventure revealing secrets - not only about the murder, but also about his family and himself - that he never knew before.. To make it even more interesting, its all narrated from his point of view.. Praise to Mark Haddon that this book manage to put the readers into deepest empathy (honestly, my mum even asked me if its a true story over and over again while reading it.. But of course, its fictional).. Honestly, after reading this book, I actually had wished I was autistic too.. Until my mum told me that not all autistic kids are like Christopher.. Some of them are very hyperactive that they love to smash stuffs around.. Right afterward, I'm glad I'm not autistic.. 

The plots are very well written.. The characters are like really really real and alive.. Reading this, I almost tricked myself (several times) to believe that it actually happened, seriously! I mean, its that hard to get the fact that the whole thing is fictional! Job well done, Mark Haddon.. The narration is also helped by figures, graphs, and tables - another thing to trick us that the book is written by an autistic boy..  

If you love maths, trust me, go to the nearest bookstore and get this.. You'll love it instantly.. There's lots of mathematical problems and stuffs that you'll love.. However, to those who cant be categorized as nerds or study freak, not to worry, you'll love it too.. Honestly, trust me, I'm not a maths maniac too.. Its just that those maths freaks would love it more, i guess.. Above all, just read it.. This will definitely be your next book-crush.. If not, you'll just have to ponder a little bit on how come it had won the 2003 Whitbread Book of the Year and the 2004 Commonwealth Writers' Prize for Best First Book... Even if you dont want to take my words, at least, let yourself think why would people ever give a damn to award this book.. 

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Been There Done That Travelogue: Beautiful Bali

Uluwatu Temple
(note to readers: Our trip to bali was actually a lot of weeks before.. So, forgive me if I cant recall all the details..)

Day 01
After the almost crazy hectic day of super effing rush, we arrived at about 9pm at Ngurah Rai Airport.. There,   the four of us (my parents, my sister, and obviously, me) were picked up by the hotel van to our lovely prebooked hotel; Bali Ayu Hotel and Villa.. The hotel is quite out of the way, if you compare it with the hotels in Kuta, Seminyak, or Legian.. There's not much attraction here but the good thing is, its 100% family oriented, the opposite to Kuta which is famous for its notoriousness.. 
However, still, (as usual), my dad doesn't really like it here.. He thought that the hotel is too far separated from civilisation.. Ask me, its just perfect.. Considering that we're here as a family, I dont think spending the night with drunk teenagers banging each other off next door is anymore preferable.. 

To tell you the truth, if you come to Bali and decide to stay in the Kuta town, just gambling without any proper plan or booking, you might either (a) have to pay an unreasonable expensive price for your nights or (b) you'll end up snuggling with cockroaches under the crappy shitholed duvet.. If thats not quite enough, there's still a possibility that you'll get (c) all of the above..

Day 02

You might reckon that Bali is just the exact carbon print of the other part of Indonesia; cheap shopping, dirty streets and crappy foods, but blimmey, Bali is not even close.. Its like the Beverly Hills of Indonesia.. The living standard here is much higher than those in Jakarta or Bandung.. Shopping here, is like hundred times more costly that at my hometown..The only cheap stuffs here are the imitation DC or Ed Hardy jeans (still, its still far more expensive than the 'real' ordinary Mustang/Levi's).. So, for today's activity, we decided to spend the whole day strolling around Kuta and Seminyak.. Mind you, just strolling, not buying.. ANYTHING..  Notes: be careful not to step on the tiny small box of flowers in front of the shops.. The balinese do make it every morning at night for their Gods.. 

Then we took the taxi (oh, just so you know, the taxis here in Bali is as much as the air particles itself.. Theres soo many of them that its actually hard to tell one of another.. Fine, I exaggerated, but honestly, getting around Bali is a not-to-worry matter..) to several shops to buy souvenirs and more girls stuffs.. Overall, Hawaii Bali is the best place to shop.. The prices are very cheap and the quality are superb.. But yeah, only if you're looking for souvenirs.. Some people might prefer Krishna, but personally, I like Hawaii Bali more.. 
Hawaii Bali

Day 03
Bali is a good place if you're the culture vulture type.. Aside from the rich cultural material, this Island of Gods is also well known for its unique architecture and the serene natural beauty of the island itself..  So, today, we decided to go both ways.. I know, I mentioned before that getting around Bali is nothing to worry about, but honestly, I really think that tour guide is quite needed here.. Because, there's just too many things to see here that is not worth to be missed.. Lets say, you prefer to go to those attraction spots by taxi, there's still a big chance that you wont get to experience all of them to the fullest.. That's because, you can't really be sure of what time is the best for which place and so on.. In the end, you'll enjoy only one part of the day because you're too busy rescheduling and planning on the other parts.. My advise, there's many tour options here - your hotels, by the roadsides, everywhere - and if you dont come here by package, you can always pick which tour to have for the day.. 

So, back to the day, early in the morning, after having some toasts at the hotel, the tour driver arrived at our hotel and took us to see the Barong Dance.. The ticket is around 80000 rupiahs (9.2 USD) per person.. The dance is about monkey, boars, gods and something else which I cant recall but you'll have no problem to understand the storyline because everyone would be given the summary of the dance, act by act (although I must admit, the story doesnt make any sense at all.. I always hate the part when they did the penis joke.. I mean, whats so funny about a man's dick?! I cat believe that there's still people who found it hillarious.. Its just too immature and stupid! Its a major humiliation to the male and yet, its the guys who love the stupid joke most..)..
The Barong Dance

Then, the driver took us to the batik house.. and the silversmith afterward.. After that, he drove us up the Mt. Batur.. I dont know if I should write this, but I guess, the truth always win, right? Okay, the thing is, halfway up the Mount Batur, our vehicle was stopped by the local police who guarded the entrance.. The driver get out and get behind the car, have a little chat with the police guy and hand him 10000 rupiahs.. Yes, public bribery.. Our driver told us that his vehicle (Toyota MPV) is not permitted to continue to the peak of Mt. Batur.. So, he said, like USUAL, to pass through, he was supposed to pay 10000 rupiahs.. Or, if we're white people, he would be charged 50000 rupiahs to pass.. Aside from the bribery, their policemen is also somewhat annoyingly racist! 

Coffee anyone?

At Mt. Batur, we stopped at a coffee shop.. After some free testing, we bought some hand-grind coffee, chocolate drink, lemon tea powder, and ginger tea powder (yuck!).. Long story short, on our way to Kintamani, we stopped by at Tegalalang to see the beautiful rice terrace.. Then, at Kintamani, we have our lunch there while enjoying the miraculously amazing view of the Kintamani Volcano right before our very eyes.. I love it.. However, we were supposed to have our dinner later that night at Jimbaran Bay, but since all of us had lost the ability to stand properly out of tiredness, we decided to call the trip off and have dinner in our room instead.. And we literally slept like a baby that night.. minus the midnight crying..
Kintamani Volcano.. Beautiful, right?

Day 04

Today, we took taxi from our hotel to go to the Discovery Mall, Kuta.. This mall is so far, the most mouth-watering mall I have ever seen in my whole life.. I mean, its huge, comfortable, beautiful, and have all the international labels you could have imagine.. What could you ask more of a mall?! The most interesting part here is the DVD store.. I'm not promoting pirated DVDs here, but honestly, its scattered all over Bali.. at the unbelievable same freaking super LOW PRICE! Each DVD is only 10000 rupiahs (1.15 USD) and if you buy 10, you'll get 4 free.. and if you buy 20, you'll get 9 FREE! how cool is that! they even have dvd sets so that you could check on the quality yourself.. Blimmey, most of them are high quality.. If I dont know better I would have thought that its the original DVD.. 
DVD mania!

Later that night, we went to Seminyak Square for dinner at Betawi Cafe.. The food is great and its not that pricey either if we consider the fanciness of the restaurant.. Talking bout food, if you're looking for halal food, there are plenty of them in Bali.. Most of the nasi padang restaurants are halal.. However, be warned that eventhough most of the restaurants are claimed to be halal, they might still serve their famous Bintang Beer alongside.. Just informing.. 

Day 05

Its snorkeling day.. We booked the snorkeling tour from the hotel which cost 25 USD per head (dont even bother to try to look for others with cheaper price, its already the cheapest tour ever existed in Bali).. It include the glass bottom boat, snorkelling (complete with equipment), and trip to the Turtle Island.. The snorkeling was the worst I ever had! Its nothing! of course, there's some fishes, but mind you, only SOME.. To get it even more hideous, theres only ONE snorkeling spot.. and its the spot where theres only some fishes.. You know, I was expecting something more, and to get this, is a total let down.. My advise, dont even bother to throw away your money here, save it for something more worthy.. or, should I say, do not snorkel at Tanjung Benoa, Nusa Dua? I dont know bout Nusa Penida, but Nusa Dua is the worst nightmare for snorkelers.. 

Then, using the 'Glass Bottom Boat' (which makes me wonder whats the actual purpose of the glass bottom when you can't see anything at all) we went to the Turtle Island.. Well, I must admit, this is the best part of the tour.. Although I felt bad for the old turtles being kept captive to take photos with visitors.. However, in the same time its cool that you get to lift an adolescent turtle (well, its not that big and old, so I reckon its like the teenage turtle).. Theres also other animals here such as bats, owls, iguanas, and eagles..
I (heart) Iguana
Then, to make up for the disappointing  snorkeling experience, as soon as we reach the beach, my mum let us do the parasailing..  Well, its fun but it was too short that everything seems like it has been fast-forwarded!
I'm walking on sunshine! whoa oh!

For dinner, again, we went to Cafe Betawi for the last time in Bali.. Then, I bought a novel (The Curious Case of Dog in the Night Time by Mark Haddon.. Already finished reading, wait for the upcoming book review) there as my personal memento of being here.. 

Day 06

5.00am at the hotel lobby
Our flight home was at 6.30 am.. Slept all the way.. boring.. Nothing to share..

In a nutshell:

Aside from the richness of cultural extravaganza, my favourite part of Bali is their people.. The people are the most friendly human being I had ever witness in my entire life.. Rudeness is never to be seen here amongst the locals.. They respect foreigners as much as they respect their culture.. Its a true vacation.. Theres nothing not to love bout Bali (except the snorkeling, and shopping)..

the lovely teen turtle from Bali 

Friday, March 11, 2011

Guilty Pleasure..

I think this is a real funny interpretation of guilty pleasure.. Oh, no, Harry Potter is not my guilty pleasure.. And so is Twilight.

.Anybody who tell me that he doesn't have a guilty pleasure means that either he has no life or in a bigger chance, he's lying.. So, since I do have life and I can't really tell if I'm a bigass liar, I guess, I have a guilty pleasure.. Fine, scratch that, make it, A FEW guilty pleasure.. Okay, I mean, its cool to have guilty pleasures.. Everybody have it.. at least one (even though I'm pretty sure that the chance is very low that its even hard to call it a chance).. Actually, to tell you the truth, I have never realise the existence of this particular guilty pleasure until yesterday.. The day that I was supposed to be wondering ALONE in Alamanda, Putrajaya because my friends can't make it with me.. Pathetically sad, yes.. But the good thing is, I found out my - another - guilty pleasure..

I must admit, this picture is beautiful and yet, quite exaggerating for my post this time..
Again, no! It does not have anything to do with boys either and neither is their cocks.. Its just what they're wearing.. You know how some girls like to spend their money on beautiful sexy lingeries with extra laces? Yeah, it happens to me too, minus the laces.. and maybe not the lingerie part too (because it just felt weird for a single 18 to have lingeries).. So, yep, I have passion for undies.. This may sound a bit awkward but honestly, I just love to collect beautiful and branded undies.. Or specifically, trunks.. I used to wear briefs and I still wore them occasionally, but I never have a boxer before.. I know, most guys nowadays prefer boxers as their favourite undergarment because they reckon briefs or trunks are holding their willies too tight and uncomfortable.. But personally, for me, wearing underwear is more than your own comfort, its how you feel when you wear it.. Its how your confidence rose when you wear them.. And thats how I felt when I wear expensive undies.. But still, not all briefs and trunks are uncomfortable.. Unless, you are wearing cheap made in China crap that is design specifically to make your dick shrink a few sizes.. And for boxers, my valid reasons for not having them are (a) boxers are just some mere, lame, and boring version of underwear (especially the ordinary checkered type.. I mean, just say 'boxer' and the first thing that would come across our mind is that cliche version of boxers.. How lame is that?).. and (b) I am pretty sure that boxers doesn't act much as an underwear.. Look, the old Indian had invented the underwear so that they would have something to hold their balls.. Therefore, obviously, boxers do not hold our balls and act more like a short shorts than underwear as the Indian opposes.. Since its not an ordinary to find a sexy and beautiful, briefs, I end up with various type of trunks.. and my favourite are the low-waist and low-rise trunks.. Just in case if you guys are wondering if I also have my collection of thongs or jockstraps.. Sorry to disappoint you, no, I dont have thongs and jockstraps.. Just to get pass the cashier is odd enough for an 18 like me with that kind of erotic undergarments..

I know, its weird for a young lad like me to have such passion, but honestly, eventhough its not quite publicly visible, I just felt more confident with myself wearing them.. This does not mean that my self-esteem is basically based on my underwear, its just the same way how some people love to flaunt their designer apparels to feel confident about themselves.. Except that I dont really flaunt them -I mean, you don't actually imagine me walking around the city with only my underwear, right?.. However, still, a passion is a passion like you can't really blame a guy for liking pizza the same way I like trunks.. I know, pizza and trunks is not the same thing, yet, I believe you don't actually decide to love pizza, right? It just happened and the same thing occurs to me.. In a different form..

So, the actual incident that brought me to this realisation of having this guilty pleasure is after I paid the cashier almost RM40 (plus minus 13USD) for that one piece of trunk you can see above (except that mine is orange, not purple).. To be honest, thats still not the most expensive trunk I ever had.. But it just struck me at that particular moment that I am obsess with trunks after looking back the other trunks I had at home.. The reason that I bought this trunk is only that I never heard of that brand before and its quite pricey.. So, I thought, maybe I should give it a try, hoping that it is another international branded trunks to add to my collection.. Seriously, how crazy is that?! My mum does not born me together with cold hard cash.. So, I dont really have my own personal income other than my weekly pocket money and spending them on undies seems rather wasteful to some.. But for me, it feels all worthy.. The idea of me having a new branded underwear makes me more alive.. Its hard to explain it, but I guess its the same feeling as when you get to watch a marathon of your favourite TV show; all excited and corny.. Oh, just so you know, I just googled and found out that skinXwear is a Malaysian underwear brand.. How surprise I am thinking back that it is almost just as good as my precious 2(x)ist.. The material is so smooth and light that I would think that I wore nothing if I put aside the fact that my dick is well positioned.. To spice thing up, the material is almost see through (if you stretch it long enough) and the pouch for your cock is well put.. It just fit you well.. And oh, not to mention, its low-waist; my fave.. 

Back to the thing, the main thing that made me feel this passion guilty is that I had never actually told my parents bout this.. I had never even show them my trunks.. Except the one they bought me.. I manage it real well that I had never left a single clue to them.. The boxes are the first thing I would get rid off.. And I never washed it with my other laundries.. I wash them in my own bathroom and dry them in my room.. You might think, whats wrong if my mum found out that I have beautiful undies.. Blimmey, you dont want your mum to found out that you are wearing brightly coloured undies with net.. Its just odd and I'm not ready to face it yet..  However, you can't hide forever, right? Earlier this year, my mum was helping me to tidy up my room -eventhough I had done everything to made her believe that I'll do it on my own because I never did - and guess what she found? My sexiest trunk.. It was like a brief, but with net on the side making it a trunk.. As my mum was holding it, I saw the weird stare in her face at that thing before I quickly grab it and hide it somewhere else.. Now you know how more weird it would get if my mum found it in the laundry basket.. Lucky enough for me, she didn't bring up that net underwear during our dinner.. 

I guess, this is quite a long post to be talking bout underwear, so, I guess, I'll call this an end before I start making more craps.. I know, this post would be controversial for my schoolmates but I reckon, I dont give a damn.. 

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

La Musique

This is going to be a real short post.. Obviously, its bout the music you're listening in the background, hence the title of this post.. Right now, Nathan Barr had been my most favourite musician.. Looking at the album cover above, as you folks had expected, he's the one responsible for the beautiful music scores on True Blood.. Did I mention that I am a True Blood die hard fan(g)? Now you know.. 

The reason I really love this guy is the fact that besides being the composer to his wonderful musics, he's also well known for playing those songs himself! Now thats a wonder.. I mean, whats not amazing with a guy who could write sheets of harmony musics and play all those instruments himself! Violin, cello, piano, you name it, he plays it..  He also had wrote music scores on the famous movie Shutter and Hostel.. I adore him and his magnum opuses.. Well, its irony that he wrote the scores for True Blood which is highly proclaimed as the metaphor of the LGBT community and in 2010, he came out by telling people that he's bisexual.. It seems like more of this kind of people is coming out of the closet as if Ricky Martin had started the revolution.. To make things even more controversial, he is also named as one of the hundred most influential LGBT individuals of the year by OUT magazine (never heard of that magazine before.. But what I know, its a magazine.. and thats that.).. 

That music you're listening to, its not 'First Taste' as the title on the muzicons suggests.. Actually, the music is 'Bill and Sookie's Theme'.. If you're True Blood's fan(g), you might notice this music when it comes to the erotic scenes involving vampire Bill and Sookie.. Take a deep listen to the music and you'll see that its a perfect music to fuck a vampire.. I mean, its all gloomy in an erotic sense and mysterious in the same time.. A recipe for a wonderful stay-in-mind vampire-fucking session.. 

However, I cant really say that this is Nathan's best piece.. Theres lots more harmonically well composed music, but this is the one that can remind us to most of the other of them.. Try listening to this music and watch the actual scene.. You'll notice that its not really the exact background music! But still, there's still a hint this 'Bill and Sookie's theme' in those other musics.. They may not be identical twins, but for sure, they're siblings.. You know, similar hair colour, shape of face, and everything.. What I love most bout this music is that its just wonderful! its an orchestra of harmony music accompanied with passion and feelings that you might not get in ordinary music piece.. Above all that, its a classic piece of modern art.. a lovely one, clearly..

Just so you know, my favourite Nathan's music scores are 'Vampire Love', 'First Taste', 'Unpacking Gran' and 'Grieve to Grave to Groove'.. These are all available in True Blood's OST ; season 1, 2, or 3.. So, enjoy this music and I hope you'll like it too..

Monday, March 7, 2011


Okay.. The mark of a society to be free is the idea of allowing everyone to be fucking idiot and a cunt sucking bitch simultaneously.. The fact that people have the right to be able to make their voice audible to everyone is also the kind of freedom we have in our country.. Yep, you can make your voice heard to literally anyone as long as it doesn't get you shoved in the ass with another problem that you might kill yourself with.. I'm not talking bout rights crap or whatever.. I'm talking bout how smart people seems to be stupid enough to be very shallow when it comes to judging stuffs and spreading around that shitty opinion around.. resulting in the judged one loosing half of his/her self esteem.. 

It all started with my awesome and beautiful (or what Adrian describe as ANTM shot) Facebook profile picture which turns out to be somewhat motherfucking controversial;

Oh, hi hotness!
I have no idea if its the society I'm living in or the picture itself is controversial.. You tell me.. First, if this picture is really that controversial, I have no intention to have it that way and to tell you the truth, I can't see in any way this picture could be that controversial.. Unless you say being hot is controversial.. Well, theres several obvious remarks regarding this picture and some of 'em are good remarks and some of 'em are hideously sarcastic good remarks.. So, both them annoy me to the limit that I start to ignore every single effing comments under that picture.. Personally, I think its good to give honest comments on things but honesty also have its limit.. in both ways - either good remarks or bad remarks.. Example, if you see somebody with the face of a shithole, you can't just be completely honest and tell that guy (I'm not being sexist, this is just an example) that his face looks like shithole.. Instead, you can still be honest by using a lot nicer word to substitute shithole with word such as ugly (giving the fact that that person obviously looks nothing more like a cunt, he probably know that he's ugly and by saying that he looks like a shithole is an obvious insult to him compared to ugly).. And the same thing goes to compliments.. Too honest compliment might sound like (a) you're flirting or seducing someone, or (b) you're delivering an insulting sarcasm.. Either way, its not really a good way of complimenting, especially the latter.. 

Behind all this nagging, the actual story is that as soon as I posted this picture on my Facebook, I instantly received a pile of crap telling me how good I look in that pic which most of 'em are obvious acrimonies.. Its not that I dont appreciate those kind and generous remarks, its just that the last i checked, I am still a human being and still capable of having normal emotion.. Hence, if you say, I should be proud of the comments, I say, 'welcome back to Earth.. Hows the weather at Mars?'... Even a brainless tad wouldn't be that happy with such remarks.. I don't know if they're actually being just super honest or like I said before, its just plain mockery (I'm pretty sure that they're not trying to seduce me whatsoever because that would be just gross).. Still, if you guys really meant it (the good remarks, not the mockery, obviously), I reckon I owe you my gratification and to those who don't, all of you can be my cankerous, shit-stained, cunt-suck, cum-covered, cock-mongling, ass-fucking, dick-fisting, baby-raping, jizz-chugging, waste of a human being.. Rather than wasting your time on your effort of trying to be the pain in my ass, you should really use it instead to meet a shrink because you are clearly lacking of sense of humanity since I suppose, you enjoy seeing people like me being publicly humiliated.. Which I don't.. 

That - the bad sarcasm -  is one thing.. Another thing is talking shit bout me right behind my back.. To those folks, I crossed my fingers to have you reading this.. First of all, I know, gossiping is human nature.. Who could live without gossips.. Thats the exact purpose of the plethora of those tabloid newspapers and shitty gossip magazine; to feed us, the homo sapiens with stories about fake boobs so that we could survive the next day.. I know, its fun to gossip about your friends, your bosses, or even you colleagues, as long as it remains a gossip as in hearsay.. Which means, the identity of that particular person who started it is kept anonymous.. Still, people can't really stay anon especially if you're not that smart to be one.. So, the thing is, back to my wondrous pic, well, one of my schoolmate (Thats what I heard but I'm pretty sure theres piles more of 'em.. However, I dont really know this guy but what I know is that he's in the same highschool as me..) told my other friend that I looked uneasily GAY in that pic.. Okay, we have two things here.. First, that bad hearsay.. And second, that typical homophobic labeling.. Both of 'em - an extra juice of exhilarating fucking shit in my stomach.. Regarding the hearsay, well, actually I'm totally cool with gossips.. I've been used to people saying things behind my back.. Unfortunately, most of the time, I know these people.. So, it sure does annoy me to have some strangers (Well, I dont really know him.. I guess, its safe to consider him as stranger) talking shit behind my back.. Seriously, what the fuck?! I dont even know you and you already start telling people that I look gay in my own pic?? Dude, that just got you into my douche list.. Congratz! 

Next, the labeling issue.. I totally have no problem with homosexuals (although I found trannies are quite disturbing) and for me, whatever regarding others sexual orientation - be they straight, bisexual, gay, lesbian, or even disoriented (is it even possible) - is everyone personal issues.. I mean, having gay friends (especially if you're so sure bout it) doesn't mean that you get to be nosy so that you could annoyingly look down at them.. Still, I'm not claiming that wherever they jam their dicks into (esp. places where they're not supposed to be) is a right thing to do.. This time, I'm going for the natural side.. I know, the law of nature forbid us to fuck those of the same sex as us.. And even religions claim it to be sinful.. However, most of the time, theres still homosexuals who restrain themselves from fucking around but get married those of the opposite sex and breed till they're dead.. This is because, that kind of homosexuals are obviously, don't want to be one.. When they're still fetus, there's no computerized system of choosing their desired sexuality.. Even the mums don't have vending machine to choose their child from.. I am also pretty sure that those homosexuals don't really choose to be one.. Imagine, how could you change your liking from one gender to the other? Lets say, I am attracted to girls.. And somehow, I got the idea of turning gay because it sounds like fun.. So, I approaches some guys to make myself turned on.. Maybe I'll start with babysteps before going with larger steps into these gay stuffs.. You know what, honestly, I reckon I would never even make it to the larger steps.. I say, if a baby is three years old and still not walking, its not the babysteps the baby took is wrong, the baby is genetically ill.. Can't agree? Maybe you should give it a try.. And let me know if you manage to get full erection with cocks under your nose.. So, the point is, for me, being a homosexual is hard enough.. Especially when you're in a community which take it as quite a taboo.. Therefore, I don't really think by calling other people gays with the intention of insulting them is cool.. Its as if you're putting gay people in the lowest rank of society along with bitches and the other damned fucked ups for the fact that they had enough of their life.. I mean, go and ask any homosexuals if they really want to be straight, and they might probably tell you they would die to be one.. Its just that how could you be proud of who you are when the whole world is trying to make your life fucking miserable.. And by using the gays misery to put other people who aren't is just evil and a typical sign of offensive homophobic behaviour.. I thought the boobs enlargement creams commercials on local networks are offensive too.. But do we crack at them? Yes.. We make fun of them, calling them all dicks, and make them gold comedy.. Maybe its just human nature to put offensive material on others as a way to make them feel like they're better than the rest.. Resulting on calling everyone a gay when they felt insecure of themselves.. Tell you what, fuck them... Fuck these people.. They say God hate fags but what they never notice is that they're calling non-fags fags in a way of insulting which is just another sin after putting people of certain sexual orientation in the lowest hierarchy of society.. So, double sins there.. Again, I'm not actually defending the homosexuals, but I'm just showing a bit of empathy here..

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Book Review: Nineteen Minutes - Jodi Picoult

My rating: 

"Ask a random kid today if she wants to be popular and she'll tell you no, even if the truth is that if she was in a desert dying of thirst and had the choice between a glass of water and instant popularity, she'd probably choose the latter. See, you can't admit to wanting it, because that makes you less cool. To be truly popular, it has to look like it's something you are, when in reality, it's what you make yourself."
-Peter Houghton-
Like usual, Jodi Picoult came with a sharp issue which not much of us had the chance to see, let alone feel.. Well, this book is really a wonderful book.. It is a book of emotion.. A narration of the warmth and coldness of the heartfelt.. Observer had claimed this book to be memorable and mind you, thats the truth.. It remains to linger on our head even long after you had finished it.. As a matter of fact, right after I finished reading the book, I was staring still at the cover like a statue for quite half an hour.. I just couldn't believe what I had just read.. Its real hard to explain it here, you just have to read it to feel it.. Its a sensation that no other author can bring you through a mere reading other than Picoult.. Tell you what, this book, is an impossible to put down.. You can't just read halfway and not wanting to know what would happen next..

This book mainly revolve around the life of an American teenager, Peter Houghton.. Well, Peter is not quite one of the popular kids in school.. And not even in the middle.. If there's a hierarchy, he would be at the bottom.. Practically, he's the typical high school loser.. For a start, he does have the cliche loser characteristics; thick glasses, Adam's apple with the size of a fist, skinny figure, and of course, lack of friends.. By lack, maybe I should say, none.. Unless you consider HTML codes as friends.. So, being a social retard doesn't mean that he is as invisible as the furniture, but he was the most sought out kid in school.. He always got picked on by the other dudes he always refer as the jocks or the popular kids.. Its not the fact that he has that loser look that made him bullied or anything, its just that he is Peter.. Being him means that he was supposed to get picked on.. 12 years of his life since kindergarten, he was constantly bullied by everyone around him.. To get thing even worst, even the girl that used to be his friend betrayed him on their 6th grade to be with the cooler bunch of kids.. One day, few days after being humiliated (again) by the popular kids, he decided to bring four guns to school.. Of course, he murdered 10 people, including one teacher and hurt 19 others.. Hence, the story also revolve around Peter's trial at the court with his lawyer, Jordan McAfee..

This story is based on the theme of masks and persona.. Its how some people doesn't always looks like what they seems to be.. How some people struggle between personas in finding themselves.. I can't really elaborate this thing or I might spill up more spoilers.. However, this book had me realise that sometimes, murder is not always a bad thing.. I'm not saying that in the end Peter got away with his doing, but sometimes, thats the only thing to stop all the sufferings.. yes, you'll suffer more in prison, but at least you get to tell the world how you felt.. How people are ignoring you when you begged for their mercy or helps.. How thing would be different if only the just put down their ugly cunt of ego.. This book had really got me all emotional.. It also thought me how your own cruelty doesn't actually wins you anything but cruelty in return.. What I'm trying to say is, the whole high school students hierarchy is just a plain shit on crackers.. Even though I never got the chance to feel what its like being at the bottom, but reading this made me live it.. Empathy is all it took to make you realise that there's no fucking need to rank others for the fact that you're nothing much more than the other.. We're all the same, for God's sake.. I can't imagine how people had the guts to say they're better than the other.. Unless, you're Queen Elizabeth.. I understand that some people are gifted with things that God granted to only few lucky people (for example; good look, muscles, big cock), but being a perfect specimen does not give you the golden pass to look at the others like they're some crappy assholes.. It just doesn't work that way.. Being cocky doesn't make you any more attractive but effing despicable.. Honestly, I really hate those kind of guys (I'm not saying that I'm not one of 'em! jk..)..

The whole storyline is narrated in two timeline alternating each other.. While the present story is going on, what happened in the past is also alternately narrated chronologically.. So, actually, there's two chronology in this book but both relating to each other.. This way of writing actually let the reader to get dissolved in one situation before knowing what actually had happened or would happen.. Its really a good and unique technique so that you won't have to stuck at one scene for too long.. Believe me, you won't want to read half of the book with only court scenes.. For the ending, this story is not a cliche at all.. Of course, Peter is going to jail for his deeds, but there's more shocking scenes revealed as you turn over.. Like the theme suggest, some people are just unpredictable.. Like usual, Jodi had also manage to end her story with something that could make you choke with tears.. The ending is a sad one and also as unexpected as it could be..

So, just to wrap things up, Nineteen Minute is a worthy page-turner.. Trust me this book is all you need to get yourself craving for more of Jodi.. Or maybe the other work as well, I dont know.. But Jodi sure is a gifted writer.. Right now, I am reading Man and Boy by Tony Parsons (expect it for the upcoming book review) and frankly speaking, its nothing like Jodi Picoult.. I kinda miss her writing style.. Jodi wrote in a language that I imagined had been patented as her original artwork.. You can't find another writer as capable of Jodi in delivering all those emotions and big issue without having her readers addicted for more of her.. Its like smoking a literature pot, i tell you.. Anyway, this book is really a good read..


I know, it had been a while since I updated this baby.. Its just that, lately, I had been quite busy with stuffs.. So, here are the summarized few things that you guys missed;
  • Happy birthday to you.. Squashed potatoes and glue.. You look like a monkey, and you act like one too (in the cliche happy birthday song rhythm and tone) Okay, actually its my lil sis birthday.. You might remember her from the drama queen post.. Nothing much happened, except the usual annoyance and the drama that she put on..
  • I passed my car license test.. Still, if you already expecting the Ode to Joy playing in the background, well, I dont know.. I just felt.... nothing?!
Back to the main thing, I had just semi-moved.. I know, the word seems weird enough for me too.. However, i reckon its quite fancy compared to half-moved which remind me of half-boiled eggs.. Don't ask me why, I wished I had the answer too.. In case you're wondering - of fucking course you do - what the hell I'm talking bout, I had just moved somewhere temporarily until our 'real' home is ready.. This whole mess is actually by the fact that we're moving to another state without the home buying process things - adult stuffs, is supposed - is done.. However, my mum had to start working here like, the day after we moved in and yeah, we have to settle down first at this not-so-lovely house in a middle of nowhere.. really, nowhere..

So, we arrived yesterday and my mum told me that we are just to live here for a while until our real lovely home is ready for us.. By temporary, I knew she didn't really meant that.. And by that, I'm not saying a couple of weeks.. It might just be more than a fucking month.. Well, in two weeks, we are going to Bali, and I believe by that time, we'll still be stucked in this shit hole..

If you already think that I am just acting all exaggerating pansy bitch, tell you what, the fact is, this house really felt nothing better than living in an old shipwreck.. Actually, this is our house, but not really our home, since we never had stayed for more than a week.. But, however, since we can't afford a comfortable hotel for the whole month, this house was the result of our desperateness.. Its not like I'm not supporting my parents for their works and all (my dad just told me that he had just got promoted), and I am totally not complaining being here knowing that its like the least I could do in showing my support this family..

Well, the thing is, this is one old house of ours.. So, there's not even much furniture here.. As a matter of fact, I'm not sure if we could call these stuffs furnitures.. The house is all dusty and gloomy.. Although its concrete, I still manage to imagine the wall collapsing burying me alive.. and virgin.. However, the worst thing is, because of the lacking of furniture and the collapsing rooms, we ended up staying the bunch of us (good thing my sis is in boarding school) in one fucking little cunt room.. You read that right, one room.. For one month.. Three of us.. Cool.. If you're asking why we don't move stuffs from our old home here, well, like I said before, we just semi-moved.. And it was supposed to be temporary.. Little fucking did I know that one month is temporary.. Being in one room with my family is one thing.. Loosing all my privacy in an instant is another.. I mean, how awkward is it to watch late night show with your parents snoring their heads off right next to you.. Oh, and just so you know, we don't have satellite channels here.. So, my life totally depends on the local networks to survive, which is another pain in the ass.. Its not really a good thing, you know, to keep a teenager in an uncomfortable place like this.. You might drive them crazy.. and blimmey, I'm already close to.. 

However, its not all entirely bad thing here.. My neighbour has a cute persian cat which my Mum describe as the cute squirrel-tailed cat.. Her tail - the cat, not my mum - could be the most fluffy thing I had ever seen in the whole world after cotton candy, of course.. She has those green eyes that make you feel like wanting to have them for exchange with yours.. Thats how cute the cat is.. The night we arrived here, while my dad was struggling with our front gate, the cat was sitting right next to our father watching him doing it.. And she even sat on our porch that night watching us while we're getting our things inside.. The bad thing is, she wont let me or any other strangers touch her lovely fur, except her owners.. Just to be honest, I am damn jealous of her (the owner).. You know what, this evening, as I was waiting for my mum to pick me up outside our house for dinner (oh, did I mention that staying here means that I probably have no chance at all to have home made meals?), that cat literally catwalked to her owner's car wating for her to get out of the car.. God.. One day, I wish I have a cat that would wait for me when I got back from work..

I dont like to move it, move it.. I dont like to move it, move it..
Gosh, I'll kill myself later for that joke..

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I Screwed Up!

No, I'm still alive and I don't get into car accident.. However, still, the title said it all.. Today is my driving test, and I screwed everything up.. Its not like I made a freaking major mistake, and mind you, those 'x' marks on the slip are caused by a single incident.. Fuck me..  Overall, I managed to get 14/20.. Less two marks to pass.. I'm not blaming anybody here, its just that I felt like I deserve to get better mark than that.. Its not like I was driving like I was going to murder anybody..

In case you guys wonder what the effing mistake I had done, well, actually, I sped up at the traffic post.. Heres the thing, as I was driving, the traffic post was still green and I was like about 300 meters from the intersection.. And the moment the traffic post is just like 3 meters from my vehicle, the green light starts to fucking flicker.. For Gods sake, its not even New Year's Eve to start flickering lights.. And of course, the green light put me in deep dilemma on whether I should stop right where I was while the green light is still flickering or just sped and pass the intersection without getting caught by the yellow light.. The thing is, if I stopped, the traffic light would still be fluckering the green light and the vehicles behind me might just get pissed off or maybe just kiss my rear for the worst.. Or if I just sped up, I could save myself from those risks and leave with no problem.. However, I guess there was problems.. When I sped up, and turn right at the intersection, the car would turn in such harsh manner that I believed I could see the frightened face of my tester at the passenger seat.. Well, for that, I got 'x's for (a) bad steering control, (b) disobeying the traffic light instruction, (c) not braking to reduce the vehicle's speed, and obviously (d) driving dangerously.. Honestly, that moment, I really wished there would be earthquake or something so that I could retest.. Right after, I was supposed to change my lane to the left lane, so, being a good driver, I lighted up the left signal and move to the left lane.. What I don't notice is that, while I was moving to the next lane, my signal went off.. For me, its not my fucking problem and I dont deserve another 'x' on my pretty slip; for not using the signal when necessary.. Urrgghh.. I'm sick of all this..

Still, what I don't really understand is the last 'x' I had on my test slip; for not using the correct gear in accordance with speed.. What the hell?! As far as I can recall from my driving lessons, I had never been complaint for using the wrong gear with the wrong speed.. Hence, since the tester did not even put a comment under that particular 'x', I assume that he put it there just so that I would not get over frustrated when my total mark is just one mark below the pass mark.. And also, maybe so that I won't hate his whole guts which eventually, I do hate him.. I get it, its my own mistake, but seriously, the gear and the signal thing?! Its not like I did it on purpose.. Its not like I shut the signal light on my own.. That damn CAR did it.. And because of his stupid car, I get to pay for it.. Right, how fucking unfair crap pile of shit we're living in.. 

To get thing even worse, by the end of this month, my family and I are moving to Kuala Lumpur.. And yes, I need to go to another driving school there and start learning the route all over again.. Aside from the upcoming flow of cash for my driving lesson, I would need to memorize another route.. As I claimed in my previous post, I am not really a road whiz.. memorizing paths had always been my problem.. I guess another whole month for me before I get my driving license.. And what I am worrying about is that my test route in KL might be busier that here in Malacca.. I mean, its KL, everyone drives all the time...

I haven't told my mum yet bout this.. Maybe when she get home from work this evening.. However, I can already sense her freaking out on that news.. Maybe she would even make me pay the next lesson myself! God forbid.. Whatever it is, its still a long journey before I get my driving license.. And just for the record, I still haven't go to my second motorcycle lesson.. This whole thing had already stressing me out.. Hope my mum would come up with a better idea not involving me to go to another driving lesson...

Monday, February 21, 2011

drive mania

I think its obvious enough that my post this time is gonna be about my another driving experience.. Well, I just got back from my driving class and tell you what, this time, I made it.. I dont blew things up as often as I used to and believe me, this time, its forgivable.. For the first time, I could call myself an acceptable driver.. yay me!

Since its a good experience, so, of course, there's less stuffs to curse on - meaning that this post will not be that long..  However, I'm still novice at this driving stuffs (I guess, since I dont really have my license yet!) and I think its totally forgivable if I forgot to use the signal once or twice.. or maybe three times? And its also acceptable if I drive above the speed limit.. But, looking back, my real driving test are supposed to be the freaking day after tomorrow.. And honestly, I can say that I am still in huge trouble in passing the test... There's just lots of stuffs that I'm not really good at.. I screw things up sometimes and I'm crossing my fingers that it wont happen on my test day.. Thinking bout it had me nervous already.. God.. I really need to pass this test.. Its not like I really need to drive, but dude, every teenagers need to drive! Still, apart of being teenager things, maybe when I get my license I could drive to college or to the malls with my buddies.. However, yet, my mum already made an arrangement to have me to send and pick her from work.. Yeah, thats great.. I'm officially my mother's driver.. 

So, tomorrow would be my last driving license before I would be all good for the test.. The problem is, I'm still quite confused with the route.. Honestly, I'm not the road whiz kid type.. Even when its the same road, I never would recognise if I was on the other direction.. I have problem to memorize landmarks - the gas station, mall, school, whatever - because most of my brain is focussed on the road and the cars around me, leaving no space for me to watch the buildings or other structures across the white line.. Maybe Im a good driver but not in the map sense.. Whatever it is, i think its pretty obvious that I'm the gps kinda driver.. Just so you know, I never really actually fond of this driving shit and stuffs.. I'm more into public transport.. Save the environment, yep.. Lack of confidence in driving on my own, maybe yes.. So, again, I had considered taking this driving license so that  could technically be my mother's driver.. I'm not complaining here, she's my mother afterall.. Its just that I think I dont really like driving.. I know, I'm a dude, and cars should be my toys but still, maybe, its just not my time yet.. I dont know when it would be but 'm pretty sure that one day, (after all those pushing and annoying causes) I'll drive..

Lastly, guys, wish me my best for my upcoming test..  I need it.. bad.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Hold It Against Me - Britney Spears review!

I guess this is the first time ever I dont really like Brit's artwork.. I must admit, I am a huge fan of hers.. I adored her talent and her creativity in creating wonderful music videos (even though 3 had always been my least favourite of hers(after Radar), but it sure stands up better than this crap).. Before I go any further, yes, I do realise that I'm about to get a fucking raining shit on me, but I reckon, its my blog and I shouldn't give a damn.. If your eyes had already felt like checking my profile on the topmost of this page so that you could screw me some other time for making a hideous remark for Britney, I really suggest you to stop reading and please, close your browser.. I'm not risking anything here.. I mean, after all those teasers and everything, we were all getting very excited on whats next for her, but honestly, this is a major disappointment.. For me, I don't really see Britney in this music video, neither the song.. Its like as if this whole thing was not even meant for her.. I cant afford to see Brit's falling down, again..

So, to get to the point, I'm sorry if I dont get the whole point of this music video.. The story line is unclear and I can't get anything from this other than seeing some weird scenes taking places one after another.. Yea, I guess the whole music video is weird and awkward.. I understand the concept of all those state-of-the-art techies stuffs going on, but I really don't get the actual reason Brit is there and what does she have to do with anything! It looks like as if she had no idea at all on what she was supposed to do and resulting in everything looking super weird.. 

Hey, better make a wish!
Well, the music video started showing a fireball thing which is a meteor, I supposed, went straight down to our lovely home, Earth in 2011.. Well, it blasted off in some urban city without any explosion but setting the whole city nearby with colourful streaks of light.. Yep, the first weird thing.. However, its not weird enough when we know that that fireball thingy had Britney Spears in it and landed in a freaking studio with these gadgets stuffs. Then, the people around her are busy putting make-ups on her while the other are preparing the camera and all for the shooting.. Yep, Britney fell from the sky to shoot a music video in a middle of nowhere.. I know, funny, right?

So, here she comes, from planet somewhere shooting music video with a bunch colourful haired guys still struggling with their clothings.. Still, I must admit, those striking and cheerful briefs are quite cute.. I'm soo getting one of em.. back to the thing, continue dancing with the guys, promote her perfume, and then, start dancing again, promote some cosmetic product, put on the coloured powder things that girls put on their eyelids, and dance again, blah, blah, blah.. For this first 58 seconds, the whole thing looks like a major TV commercial break.. Its like she was some cheap ad girl who promote several products at once.. I dont know bout her, but this is totally not working for me for a good first impression..

Look! Its a freaking Disney princess in a weird overflown white gown.. Obviously, she could not look anymore awkward than she is at this moment.. Come on, just look at her dress and those TVs around her.. Maybe it looks pretty normal for you, but besides from the bad make-up (or maybe its not her make-up, who knows), the things get weirder when she started to rose with her dress.. With the weird finger gloves with pipes and those rising up thingy, let me tell you, she looks awfully like an idiot.. I dont know if it was supposed to look that way, but this is all too embarrassing to watch.. Literally embarrassing.. I always had respected Britney in all way, but this time, I afraid, I'll just have to turn her down.. She just looks fucking awkward!

Well, while she was still rising in her dress with some loony eyeless dudes moving all around her, after the weird closeup on the word Sony at the monitor, and after another closeup of PlentyOfFish, Brit, in a silvery long sleeved shirt are browsing through PlentyOfFish looking at a gay Canadian bloke.. Another effing weirdness, I know.. Seriously, I dont get her, but up to this point, I guess I get more commercials than Britney that I almost wonder if it is even a music video or some stupid TV ads.. Just so you know, apart from the awkward moment of the perfume and PlentyOfFish, nothing prepare me for the extreme closeup of Sony across my monitor adding to the already bizarre stuffs going on..

Now, could anybody please tell me how pretty Britney looks right now.. With the mics all around her, I am still in deep problem trying to figure out the real meaning behind it all.. Maybe its too abstract, or maybe its just nothing! After a shot of an eyeball with two pupil (which was supposed to add a freaky sensation to the music video, but I just found it to be goofy..), she got back to the first scene, moving around the stage with the same dudes minus perfume and cosmetic product with her most pathetic dance moves I had ever seen.. I mean, she's not dancing Britney-wise.. Its more to a drunk Lindsay Lohan.. Besides, the scenes are moving too fast taking turn with this microphones scenes like super rapid, as if several frames are erased.. I'm not blaming anyone, but I guess, the editing is quite bad..

Weee!! I'm squirting colours!!

Look at the first picture, that must be the worst smile Britney could ever pasted on her face or i would hate her to death.. I just wished that the smile wasn't there.. Its spoiling everything.. Good news, after several playbacks, I think I got the main idea of this music video, but I still can't quite figure out the actual meaning.. Well, i reckon, Britney in this white dress and everything is her old self while the fag-looking her with the mic were supposed to be the new her.. But what I still seem to be confused about is the reason she's shooting these coulourful paints all over the old her.. Btw, just before that shooting scenes is another scene of the eyeless freak which is just exasperatingly ugly.. Hate those aliens!

Go Britney Go! Wait, which one is Britney?!
Then, Britney seems to be beating the guts off another Britney.. Another scene which seems to be rather more pointless than any of those before.. Well, one Britney looks a lot like the new Britney while I'm not pretty sure bout the other one since the old Britney are particularly still squirting out the effing paints from her fingers leaving me quite unsure to put it that the new Britney is struggling to kill her old self.. So, leaving me still cracking up my brain wondering what the fuck is actually going on.. Trust me, right now, Brit looks fucking ugly... As a matter of fact, I know a drag queen who looks much less drag than she is at that moment.. 

Apart from the disappointment from the beginning, the music video become more acceptable in the end.. Maybe because there's no more ads weirdness, or maybe its her outfit, but her dance moves start look more like her.. Bad introduction (and climax), but a descent ending.. Just to wrap up everything, this video is actually kinda gay for me.. I mean, whats not gay with hunky dudes with brightly coloured briefs and all those paints stuffs.. But still, who cares, right? Putting aside all the confusions, Britney really needs to step up and make some move.. If she keep it this way, she might just end up being a pepsi can.. Overall, this music video is kinda sad to watch and Brit sure do deserve something more than this..