Monday, December 19, 2011

C'est la Vie

Now, people, i dont know if its TV or anything, but before I enter college, i have this mindset of college life to be a lot more fun and interesting. You know, hot people, lots of crazy activities, fun stuffs here and there but instead, its more of like high school for me. Only lamer and crappy at every single ways. Not exaggerating, I hella seriously mean it. I mean come on! I HAVE LIFE IN HIGH SCHOOL! Im not sure if its just my college but dude, im not kidding college took my life away and blimmey, it fuckin sucks.

Frankly speaking, I miss high school. Why? Because I had life back then. Anyway, since I'm shitting bout this whole 'life' thingy, i reckon you guys might need to know what life means to me. So, basically, to me, life is;
1) all about having people hating you.
Look, Im not saying that i like being hated but you need to have some enemies to have life. You get me, right? I mean, if everybody - yes, im talking bout teachers, janitors, plants, assholes, shitdips, and any kind of other living creatures - and everybody loves you, look me in my eyes and tell me you have a freakin life. Hell even Bieber have haters (count me in). 

2) having your friends stabbing your back
Im not a big fan of this cancerous shit, but yea, its kinda crucial if youre to say that you got life. People hate backstabers and yep, I hate them too but sometimes, this is what made up your life. Its what that create those downfall moments of life and trust me, without downfall you'll never be on top. And again, back stabbers are very good at making you fall and by falling, you'll have something to do with your life to get back up again, which is, KILL THOSE MOTHAFUCKIN BACKSTABBERS! And then, voila, you just have something with your life. And oh, by the way, if you're one of those pansyass who cries and gets all emo cutting your wrists or doing other shits like that, its either you're an idiot or you just dont know how to handle stuffs like this which keeps you locked on the ground never to get back up again. Either way, you're pathetic.

3) scandals and gossips
I know my first two definition of life is kinda horrible but this one, is my favourite. You can have girlfriends, boyfriends, flings, crushes, sex-partners, or whatever, but scandals and gossips are like the spice to these social craps. I understand that once you're committed with your partner you'll be like you dont want anything to happen between both of you, you want to stay together forever, blah blah blah cheap crap. I dont know bout you, but for me, I believe that relationship without any rows is like a timebomb waiting to explode. It means that, you and your partner is gonna go your own friggin ways for good in any seconds soon. Fight is good. Especially if the fight involves scandals or gossips. Im not saying that you should create a scandal or whatever, but when the issue arises, the tense air between you and your partner, its going to be the moment of truth. Either she/he gonna dumps you or she/he'll stay. Anyway, we have to look at this in two situation. A) if you're actually cheating on her/him and your partner decides to leave you, this means that you're leading a badass life. Not saying its not good but its just... badass. And naughty. But, if your partner decides to stay with you, your partner will leave you anyway. Maybe not now, but she/he'll pass soon enough. Its just a matter of time. However, in a situation of B) you didnt cheat on her/him and its just a rumour/gossip, she/he leaves you and your partner is obviously a whore. She-whore or a man-whore, same thing. Your partner is just overreacting and she/he might as well been screwing your best friends right behind your back. And thats a backstabber. Anyway, if she stays, she/he is an angel face and your partner loves you. She/he trusted you enough to let go of that rumours which means you both deserve each other. And if any ways in any situations i've just mentioned happened to you, stand tall cus you got life.

4) Good grades and stuffs like that
Rainbows, unicorns, mermaids, yada yada, people love happy shits. Its one of the reason we keep on living. But fun stuffs alone wont give you any life. Its supposed to be in mix with at least one if not all of the above. Its the law of life. You can't just be happy all the time. Apart from its impossible, its also a sign of having no life. Why? Because you reached the aim of life. Get it? Yea, we all wanna have the happy ending but trust me, there is no such thing as a happy ending! Its not even a theory, its just... something people say in fairy tales. Easier said, its like women's orgasm. Women get that small 'happy' moments at intervals during the sex. There is no happy endings. You get happy over stuffs and then you'll have to go through shits to experience another happiness! By shits, im referring to the turbulence or troubles that we face which made our life. So, yeah, good grades and stuffs like that are one of the component of life but never the life itself. And oh, by the way, its possible to have a happy ending, which is if you end up in heaven after you're dead. But then, you're dead at that time. And dead is equal to lifeless.

So, yep. thats what life is to me. Maybe some people would find this hard to accept and disturbing in a way, but bitch, this is my blog. I'll write whatever i want. Call me shits, but hell i never give a fuck to mofos like that. Cheers! 

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