Friday, September 16, 2011

Haters Gonna Hate

Remember the last time I promised to keep blogging? I know, it took me exactly 95 days since my last word for this bitch to be uploaded but hey, i did keep my promise! Hail the whore. So, here it is, things that I seriously fucking hate;

1) People who does stupid things just to look cool.
Hint: smoke, cigarettes, lung cancer, death. Go figure. 
I mean, come on, there is absolutely, NOTHING cool bout being stupid. Like seriously. Unless if you got brain damage, its completely okay to think so. Anyway, lemme get this straight, smoking does not equal to cool or hot or whatsoever it is. It just made you look stupid, and somehow, die younger. I guess, its the Im-gonna-be-a-doctor-soon thingy thats playing but honestly, once you had that cigar on your lips, you deserve to die. One puff, and you need to die. Its just like buying a ticket to Rebecca Black's concert, only better.   

Its not like I had any previous bad experience with smokers, but i guess, its in my gene. Im born to hate you smokers. My dad smokes when he was in high school (or at least, thats what my mum told me), and i cant hate him for that. Especially that he had stopped. What im trying to say is that, guys, smokin aint cool and if you're telling me theres nothing you can do stop it, bitch, tell me all about it, I knew lots of other people who had stopped. As bitchy and pansy-ass I might sound right now, Im pretty sure that you smokers knew exactly that whatever you just read is the cancerous truth. Yea, of course im wrong. blah, blah, blah.

One thing you need to know bout me, I got stuffs to kill. And for some random wankers to get in my way and simply took hours of my day just because they think they're too awesome to give a damn, i say, fuck that damned filthy cumdumpster whorebag waste of a human being. Easily put, if you take gossiping and acting all cute (while your face is a perfect representation of a deformed cunt) like a princess that you didnt even notice a single bit that the person behind you is strangling with himself not to murder you because you're walking too slow for the whole walkway/corridor, somebody need to fucking murder you. Honestly, it wont hurt a teeny bit if you just take a peek behind while you're busy bitching bout your cat's poop. 

My point is, should any of you who happen to read this walks in front of me on a narrow walkway, please, stop talking craps and spare me your second to take a peek at me behind you. If i looks like im going to stab somebody with a fuckin spear, i ask of you kindly, please, make way for me. You get me, right? I mean, that annoyance feeling of having to walk slowly because you're blocked by some useless skanks shitting each other when you're in rush? Yea, its like cockblock but far more torturing.

3) I love queuing.
Again, my time is precious. One thing that I hate most other than somebody cut my line when im queuing, is this type of person who dont know how to actually use the line. Sorry to say, most of the time, this always happen to the ladies. Not being sexist or rude here, hear me out and you'll agree. 

The thing is, sometimes, when i queue to pay for my doughnuts, or my cup of coffee, or any-fuckin-thing else, there would be this one type of bitch who will wait patiently in the line in front of me and when she gets to the cashier counter, she'll pour out motherfucking everything from her handbag to the motherfucking counter because she cant find he motherfucking piggy purse. Everytime it happens, I would be like, WHAT THE FUCK! Seriously! WHAT THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN DOING WHILE YOURE ON THE QUEUE THAT YOU DECIDED TO LOOK FOR YOUR DAMN WALLET IN FRONT OF THE FUCKING CASHIER! Trust me, its the worst feeling you can ever have. Sometimes, it feels like as if her face is begging and pleading badly for my punch. Even typing this out had made me felt angry.

Im fine if she was just looking for her purse, but what bother me is the fact that she'll take much and much time just to gather all of her lip balms, eyeliners, and pads back into her handbag. Gosh, I wonder if being considerate had been overrated because its real hard to see it nowadays. People are getting stupid and selfish each day. Especially stupid. Supposedly, when you're in the queue, you're supposed get ready to pay the cashier not just standing clueless like an idiotic statue. At least, use your brain and show some compassionate toward others. Stop being selfish. You can be a bitch, but please, never ever bitch on others because we'll just hate you for that.

Anyway, I must say, thats the end of this times post. I'll write again soon (probably). And my apologise if its not as good as my previous posts. Im just damn sleepy right now. So, till next time, adieu.


  1. haters gonna hate cause you're a faggot. God hates faggot. Nuff said

  2. well at least i dont speak up as 'Anon'. I dont hide myself being anon. anyway, keep shitting, cus i never care. esp for anons.Cheers!
    btw, spread the word, you'll make me damn famous.