Sunday, January 30, 2011

Aim: To Investigate the Presence of Drama Queen in the Family

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Hypothesis: My sister is a drama queen..

The thing is, my sister was supposed to get back to her hostel yesterday and leave me alone at home for the rest of the week till she get home for the CNY holiday.. However, she decided not to go back to school yesterday.. So, she pretended that she was having a fever starting the night before.. Come on, fever? Its been raining all day, and the hell if she doesn't feel hot.. I can't believe that my parents actually fell for that.. Come to think of it, why does all of a sudden -after the whole day without any sign of getting sick- she got sick that night.. a fever.. how lame is that..

So, the next day, she was still on her play-sick game and I am still annoyed.. However, that day, my parents had already sense that she was trying to pull our legs.. She actually just making reasons so that she wont have to go back to school..  The other thing is, she doesn't feel much hot anymore.. Hah! take that you fever-faking drama queen.. However, she doesn't stop acting and kept telling us that she was sick and if we dont believe it, just send her to school.. She was making that sad face of hers that of course, never even had a chance to melt me.. Instead, i was pretty annoyed.. My sister, she's always my dad favourite.. I know, its not right to have one of your children as your favourite as parents are supposedly to give all their love equally among their children.. But, you know, sometimes, you just can tell it..  So, my dad decided to go along with her game and sent her to the clinic.. At first, I dont feel like going knowing that I would just annoy myself more but my dad made me to follow them.. And i did..

At the clinic, my sister was still on the game; looking all tired in the unhealthy kind of way.. After being examined by the doctor (my sis told him that she had headache and her body doesn't feel right and blah blah blah God knows what..) the doctor told us that she had a fever.. Oooppss.. Her body temperature is 38°C at that moment.. And then I was like, what? 38?! She was just a degree beyond the set point body temperature.. Then, the doctor referred her to the GH because she was a dengue suspect.. He told us that she had to have her blood sample taken and charged into the pediatric ward if she had dengue for real.. I don't really think that she had a dengue.. Actually, I dont even like the disease.. Basically, I don't like mosquito causing disease.. I don't know why, but I despise them.. especially malaria.. 

In the car, on our way to the GH, my sis game had slowly fade.. I reckon she's not in the mood to play anymore as she need to have her blood sample taken after this.. While on our way, she kept telling us that she's sure that its not a dengue and maybe they should just send her to school.. See, she was willing to go to school back because she was afraid of needles.. Such a drama queen..

At the hospital, the situation was a little bit, can i say, pathetic.. Entering the hospital, i can smell the clorox on the floor, proof that they're using clorox to clean their floor.. Come on, who still use Clorox as floor cleaner.. That is soo last season and also, nose-soring.. I carried along with me my new novel, Handle With Care by Jody Picoult.. Its a very good novel, wait for my next book review.. I saw teens of my age and kids, not to mention even the adults are sitting on the waiting bench staring at the walls.. Some of them are loitering around, children are running and screaming on top of their lungs (don't their mother told them not to do so in hospital?), the teens are smoking outside, et cetera.. It seemed that I am the only one  out of the many people waiting in the waiting room (not all of them needed to be treated.. most of 'em are family members just like me..) with a book in my hand.. So, while waiting (since the TV is not working), instead of staring blankly at the walls and the clorox scented floor, I decided to get into my book.. I thought, maybe if the kids saw me reading book, they would feel like hey, that guy is reading a novel.. Let's read! Looks like fun.. I was setting an example here.. Its my duty as a Malaysian, and I am proud to help our nation.. You know, its not really hard to bring a book anywhere you go.. Even if you don't have the time, there's nothing to loose if you have a book in hand.. Who knows, maybe the time comes and instead of lookng stupid doing nothing, you can read your book.. Right? Its a very good habit actually.. And me, myself also had started to nurture this habit in me.. 

When the doctor checked on my sis, he said that my sis temperature was 37.8°C.. And after her blood sample taken, she's completely out of her play.. Its a very good play indeed.. She told us that she's already starting to feel well.. Tired of the game already, eh? However, the doctor gave the medical chit till she fully recover.. And now, here is she, with me, at home..

Conclusion: Hypothesis proven.. My lil sis is a drama queen indeed.. Give her a round of applause please.. :)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Book Review: The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho

The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho
My rating: 
(This book actually can't be rated the same way as the other book is.. It is a wonderful book of its own genre.. So, this rating is basically according to the quality of the writing of a book of its genre.. Warning, the rating is not to be compared with other books I have reviewed in this blog..)

"The secret is here in the present. If you pay attention to the present, you can improve upon it. And, if you improve on the present, what comes later will also be better. Forget about the future, and live each day according to the teachings, confident that God loves his children. Each day, in itself, brings with it an eternity."
-The Alchemist to the seer driver-

I actually bought this book few weeks ago when my sister and me have to go back to Penang because our parents have errands.. So, my father sent me to the airport like 5 hours before our flight and I dont think I can sit there doing nothing.. So, I decided to get this book, and get myself dissolve into it through the 5 hours of waiting (minus several minutes I used during the check in) plus some more minutes on the plane.. And I did reach the last page in that duration..

This is a book of epic.. Ever wonder how it would feel reading a book with so many deep meanings and magical storyline? This book tells it all.. It is a magical and wonderful epic story that inspires people on achieving their dreams.. It is a very unique story never to be read elsewhere.. Paulo Coelho is a very talented author indeed.. 

If you expect this book to be like Harry Potter or The Chronicles of Narnia, let me warn you, it's magical, but it sure has nothing to do with the magical tales like that.. Its a far more complicated tale that does not revolve around the spoiled modern world.. It is all natural and exotic.. Believe me, you wont find anything of the same genre that could actually beat this book.. As a matter of fact, there's not much book of the genre nowadays.. 

If you ever read The Pearl by John Steinback, this book is more complicated than that.. Yea, there's no songs of the family and stuffs that you have in The Pearl but still, each and every sentence in the book have their own meaning.. Every quotation inspires us.. If you tell me you read this and still not inspired, thats a big lie.. or if not, you actually never read it at all.. 

This book is about the story of a little boy, Santiago who went to a long adventurous travel to find a treasure in his dream; at the pyramid.. In the years of journey, he met various kind of people.. He was cheated, helped, inspired, and loved by them.. The story revolves around the Language of the World and the Soul of the World.. It took me some times to actually understand them and actually, it is a universal language that speak directly to the world, or the universe.. Its not a religion, but its like the magic that some people to believe in themselves.. As Madonna said about this book, it is a story of searching of your treasure and found it on your doorstep (not actual quotation but it means something like that).. 

So, if you are waiting to be bedazzled by the world of inspiring fantasy, this is a book for you.. Its enthralling story line is gripping and touches people in the many way of the carefully plotted epic.. If you haven't read an epic before, let it be this one.. It won't let you down.. Get ready to be inspired and look up again in a brand new way..

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Official Single Cover of Parachute - Cheryl Cole
Well, you might notice the music video on the top right of this page.. And as you're reading this, it may be the song Parachute by Cheryl Cole.. If not, maybe you're too late and I might have replaced it with another song.. Btw, the point here is about the selection of the song.. The reason of the usage of the music video instead of other thousands music video available on the web..

No doubt, Cheryl Cole is a beauty bitch.. She could be the most beautiful English artist we ever met.. At least she topped the FHM 100 Sexiest Women in the World list.. not once, twice in a row (2009-2010).. Maybe she's not American but I believe that she is on the same standard (or maybe above in certain cases) with the other american fellas that we admire much.. Besides, she's also a successful singer, songwriter, dancer, and model.. Her beauty added with the amazing moves on stage, she's a legend..

Enough  of her, the actual point of this post is basically on the music video.. Well, if you haven't seen it yet, well, scroll up and pay your fullest attention on it.. Or if it is too small that you might need a magnifying glass, then maybe you should search it on youtube instead.. Well, in case you can't read, the topmost banner in this page read 'The Adult Circus'.. And also, if you still can't notice, the background of this whole blog and everything is circus themed.. Talking about the theme, some of you might ask me, why the French on the sidebar.. I can't really say that circus originated from France since I knew it's from the Roman Empire.. But what can I say that, most of the circuses that we met use French language widely in their commercials and ads.. Example is the infamous Cirque du Soleil (translate: Circus of the Sun) and Cirque du Freak (not an actual circus, its actually Darren Shan's fictional circus translated as Circus of the Freak).. However, its my blog and the usage of French there make me feel more circussy (not an actual word).. Back to the music video, well, by viewing in the artistic dance and everything, we can see;

Well, I love art and this is pretty artistic for me.. Honestly, what's not art in the entire music video.. For me, the whole thing is an art.. A lovely one..

The next thing in line is, sexiness.. Well, theres actually lots more scenes in the music video which can be regarded as sensual and sexy.. However, I believe, this is enough to deliver the point.. Besides being an art, the moves also convey a lot of sexiness (not erotically or any other exotic stuffs you have in your mind) of the art of dancing itself..

Being in a circus means that you'll need a ring leader, right? Actually, this moment (above) really made her look like one.. Well, maybe the white outfit doesn't really ring leader type, but still, she looks like one (at least, I think she does).. Besides, we also would need wild animal to have a circus or else it won't be a circus.. I found that her hair in the picture above actually looks wild.. Maybe wild in the 'lion' sense.. 

Next, the music video is also mysterious.. What I mean is that the whole color scheme is pretty mysterious.. Its not that coulourful, there's not even much of a colour there.. So, I believe that the mysterious feeling is well conveyed..

It might not be that noticeable from her dark outfit but in this picture, she actually is promoting a Tag Heuer watch.. Now you know..  Lastly, I can also feel the spirit from this music video.. Its all on celebrating the spirit of trust in love.. 

So, the selection of this music video as the only music video in my La Musique section is basically on the elements in the music video itself; art, sexy, mystery, spirit and well, maybe, the ring leader and wild animal stuffs.. Whats not a circus based on those elements.. I reckon it actually fits well with my theme, circus.. Don't think so? Then, shut up and I don't care what you think..

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Book Review: Room - Emma Donoghue

Room - Emma Donoghue

My rating: 

This book is an art.. It may not be an elegant painting or even a wondrous sculpture.. It is an art on it own.. A literature art in novel form.. Its not an everyday wonder we could read an art you know.. So, this book could probably be on of the best book I have ever read.. Actually, it really deserves a 5 hearts but unfortunately, this book has its flaws.. Every book has it flaws, but this one, it's quite obvious.. Anyway, Mirror Book of the Week also had rated this book with four stars.. Four stars isn't that bad..

Well, I won't spill anything, but here's a little synopsis on what its all about.. The novel is a view from a five years old boy, Jack living with his Ma in a locked room.. He was kept hidden in a cupboard in the room every night when their captivator, Old Nick come most nights. The description of living in a 11x11 foot room with lack of furnitures and connection with the outside world is enough to let you feel the claustrophobic sensation.. Ma had been hold for 7 years since she was 19 as a sex slave to a man known as Old Nick by Jack.. Jack was raised in a locked room until he was five not knowing the existence of the world outside.. He saw them on the TV but he just assume that it's only in TV and unreal.. His only friends were the cartoon character he saw in TV, Dora, Spongebob, and Diego.. Until one day, Ma decide to tell the truth about the outside world to Jack.. He found it hard to believe but he did it anyway and finally, they both managed to escape from the room.. Then, start the story of Jack coping with outside world which he barely know the existence.. From there, the story get more exciting but still, full of suspense and heart-wrenching events..

This book is very imaginative.. It puts you in the mind of a 5 years old boy, Jack.. The storyline is carefully plotted from his view.. It is dark, compelling, but yet still have the sense of humour created by the little boy thinking.. Some parts are very touching like when Jack rescued his Ma through the Great Escape.. I almost cried reading that moment.. Praise to Emma for her ability to create a very deep connection between the novel and the reader.. After reading the novel, you eventually had built a great feelings for Jack (at least, I did).. Even though he's fictional, but I love him profoundly.. The journey with Jack through this novel is pretty inspiring.. Besides the claustrophobic sensation during the first half of the novel, it inspires us to appreciate what we have, the abundance of space around us and feels the pain of thousands of others out there who were cruelly and brutally kept as captive as sex slave.. This unique and original story really breaks my heart.. I never had read anything like it before.. The captivating story make you can't put this book down.. You want to keep reading just to know what would happen to this little boy, Jack..

For me, this book is a very creative work of art.. It shows us that you don't really need to have any 10 letters word in a book to make it a good one.. Since the persona in the story is a 5 years old boy, most of the language is pretty inaccurately used.. Even some of the words are not really a word.. For example, 'most beautifullest', 'fasterer', 'brung', 'he/she person', 'unlying', and lots of other grammar mistake.. However, we can't blame a five year old kid for wrong usage of grammar and vocabulary.. Right? Still, my favourite words which is not even words are the one he calls 'Sandwich Words' such as scared+brave='scave' and cool+scary='coolary'.. Emma is a very imaginative author.. Everything that she wrote in this novel is very convincing enough to let you believe that everything is out of the kid's brain.. You won't even notice that the book is written by an adult, instead, you'll feel like you're reading a kid's written book.. How cool is that.. Every sentence in this book are as witty and as rascally as a five years old boy thoughts.. 

Last but not least, this book is highly recommended.. If you need to read a book, let it be this one.. Trust me, you cannot not to love it.. This is a must read for all of you reading this post.. Now, click that little 'x' mark on the top of your browser and go straight ahead now to your bookstore and grab this book.. That's how recommended this book is.. This book will melt your heart..

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I saved a kitten and then kill it..

she looks something like this..

It happens few weeks back.. It was morning around 8 am.. My parents were off to work leaving me alone at home waiting for my driving school agent to pick me up for the day driving lesson.. However, I thought he was a quite late that day since it was already past 8.. So, I locked the gate and everything to talk a walk around my house thinking that he might come any minute so maybe I could be extra ready when he came since he's pretty late for the day..

It was a nice walk.. My neighbours passed me by with a smile on their morning jog.. The humid air and breeze was so refreshing.. As I walk past my backyard, I heard a very loud meow..  So, the curious me tried to track the source and found out that it was a black kitten in a drain.. She (I actually doesn't really know the kitten's gender, so I just used 'she' to replace 'it' to give a more dramatic effect.. lol.. however, the indication of feminism here does not represent sexist or whatever.. It's just a matter of language and have nothing to do with any female properties that can be considered as sexual insult) was meowing in the drain for help, all wet with last night pouring rain.. She seems very cold and frightened.. 

Then, I quickly lifted her from the drain and put her on the side of the road.. She was shivering with cold and meowing as loud as she can.. Dirty was the only word that could fit her perfectly at that time.. I really wished I could give her some food and blanket her with something but I had locked the house and I dont feel like going back all my way back into my house for it.. Hence, I left her there hoping that maybe, someone would saw her and decide to keep her..

Instead, what happen was, that evening, I went back to the spot and found out that she was dead.. She was all flat with one of her hind leg separated along with the tail.. It was a very bizarre view indeed.. She was hit by a car.. How cruel is that for a kitten.. And I felt very terrible that day.. I wished I had keep her safe that day.. If i could take back that time, I would place her at my porch and feed her.. But I guess, the word that fit her best that day was bad luck instead.. 

RIP black kitten... God bless her..  

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Book Review: Committed - Elizabeth Gilbert

Committed - Elizabeth Gilbert

Gilbert comes back with her latest witty and sensational hit, Committed.. Lame introduction, i know, but who cares.. As the title of this post had it, yup, I'm reviewing a book that I had just recently finished reading.. Let me warn you, I'm not a real professional dudes doing those reviewing stuffs as you can see and read in magazines or newspapers.. I'm just a regular 18 yo boy talking on what i feels after reading some books or novel.. So, if you dont really like what Im about to say, I've warned you.. This is just how i feel after reading a book with no intention to harm or publicly commercialize any reading material.. 

So, here it is, this book is mainly a memoir.. Its actually a long memoir.. however, if you expect this book to have a narrative like story telling of a memoir, maybe you shouldn't put your hands on this book.. The reason is that, there is very little story line in this book that sometimes it doesn't even fits the chronology.. However, its still jam packed with loads of important facts and bits about the holy matrimony.. From history of marriage, views on marriage from various cultures to the ceremonial event itself, this book really show how intelligent and creative Gilbert is in expressing her thought.. This book is a proof on how complicated her mind could sometimes be taking the consideration that she always take things beyond the normal human thinking.. Based on what i read, obviously, she had done a pretty rough research on all those stuffs since there are soo many facts from real people (meaning that, what written in her book is a real deal..)

 For some of you, this book may seems a little bit boring and dull, but not for me.. I found it very refreshing and I would proudly to recommend this book to every bride and groom to be.. Since this would make a good guide for them.. This book could lit up some dark corners in our mind that we had never even thought of about marriage.. Since it is a book on the topic of Marriage, words such as matrimony, fidelity, loyalty, love, honour, and of course, marriage is widely used in most pages.. 

I'm not actually going to peel off the tit bits from the book here since it would be very wrong for me to do so since I believe not many of you guys have read it.. So, what im going to elaborate here is mainly on what its all about.. 

This book, Committed, is a heart warming memoir slit together with facts and truth (or maybe facts slitted with the memoir stuffs) that not many of us knew about marriage and babies.. Following Gilberts adventure of having to get married with her boyfriend, Felipe (whom we already met in Bali in Eat Pray Love) after he was deported from the United States for that he does not have the legal US citizenship, we are fed with exciting stories of the holy matrimony from every side of the world you could ever think of.. However, we're still exposed to Gilbert's travel through the South East Asian countries even though they are not the main focus but still, we could get the glimpse of the ancient Cambodia, Bangkok, Laos and also Vietnam.. 

I can't really say that I love the book since most of the times I can't really get it when she describes on the twisting facts of marriage (especially when it comes to the history chapter, blimmey, that's the most boring chapter in the book).. But still, I found it a worthwhile reading material and a good page-turner.. By the way, after I finished the book, I quickly go to the bookstore to get a grip on my new novel, Room by Emma Donoghue.. I'm still going through the novel, and trust me, its really worth everything- your time, money, etc etc.. :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

blah blah blah..

I know its been like months since I last updated this blog.. but hey, don't blame me.. I have a pretty valid excuse for this.. At least, its valid enough for me..

Just finished watching When In Rome.. It's a good movie, it is.. but, still, the ending is quite predictable..[BIG SPOILER ALERT IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE MOVIE] The first moment I saw the priest at the chapel during the wedding, I knew it that he's the one who own the chip.. Taken from what he said to wed Nick and her, it's pretty obvious that its him that own the poker chip.. However, I still wonder how on earth does the spell on the priest is broken when its not her that return the chip to the fontana.. Nick did it.. And Umberto stated that to reverse the spell, the coin must be returned to the fountain by herself, and not her boyfriend.. Okay, i keep using the word 'her' because i dont actually remember her (again) name.. and the only her i kept saying just now is the heroin of the movie- Kristen Bell..

Actually, I don't really have a single idea on what i am trying to post this time.. so,  i guess, just more craps for all of you to feed on.. Few days ago, one of my friend from my former MJSC, (need not to mention his/her name here..) expressed his/her despise on the way i always post stuffs on Facebook.. He/she exclaimed how he/she hate and annoyed by my usage of English as my primary language in Facebook by telling me that I am 'berlagak mat saleh'.. How annoying is that.. By the way, i dont think all of my post is in English and whatever it is, he/she have nothing to do with whatever i've done which means that I dont think the way i  post my posts really affected anything of his/her.. but still, it annoys me.. well, im not trying to say that I am good in English (which is definitely not true) but this is actually the only way i could practice writing in English since it would be months till i would continue my study which then will require me to write and speak in English as in English english not Manglish.. lol.. 

Right now, I'm still on my way to finish my new novel, as you can see above, Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert.. This is actually, the sequel to her bestseller, Eat Pray Love (which had been converted to up to 30 languages, which means that the novel or maybe a memoirs has a good wow factors) talking mostly on her decision to get married with the guy he met in Bali, Felipe.. The writing is good as hell and she still keeps her witty personality in there which is a good thing since it would be dull and boring if its not since reading the book can actually feels like reading a text book for married people.. literally.. there's even history of marriage in there taking up one whole chapter.. what can i say is just that, this is still one of Gilbert's best magnum opus.. great page turners it is.. After this, i am aiming to get a new novel called Room by Emma Donoghue (see below).. I found it real interesting and I cant wait to put my hands on it.. If any of you guys had read it, let me know if its not good.. Because i wont go for it if its lame..

Last but not least, I think i like my new banner up there..(Dont tell me its hideous) it looks perfectly fit with this blog theme; The Adult Circus.. Till then, cheers!.. :)