Sunday, January 30, 2011

Aim: To Investigate the Presence of Drama Queen in the Family

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Hypothesis: My sister is a drama queen..

The thing is, my sister was supposed to get back to her hostel yesterday and leave me alone at home for the rest of the week till she get home for the CNY holiday.. However, she decided not to go back to school yesterday.. So, she pretended that she was having a fever starting the night before.. Come on, fever? Its been raining all day, and the hell if she doesn't feel hot.. I can't believe that my parents actually fell for that.. Come to think of it, why does all of a sudden -after the whole day without any sign of getting sick- she got sick that night.. a fever.. how lame is that..

So, the next day, she was still on her play-sick game and I am still annoyed.. However, that day, my parents had already sense that she was trying to pull our legs.. She actually just making reasons so that she wont have to go back to school..  The other thing is, she doesn't feel much hot anymore.. Hah! take that you fever-faking drama queen.. However, she doesn't stop acting and kept telling us that she was sick and if we dont believe it, just send her to school.. She was making that sad face of hers that of course, never even had a chance to melt me.. Instead, i was pretty annoyed.. My sister, she's always my dad favourite.. I know, its not right to have one of your children as your favourite as parents are supposedly to give all their love equally among their children.. But, you know, sometimes, you just can tell it..  So, my dad decided to go along with her game and sent her to the clinic.. At first, I dont feel like going knowing that I would just annoy myself more but my dad made me to follow them.. And i did..

At the clinic, my sister was still on the game; looking all tired in the unhealthy kind of way.. After being examined by the doctor (my sis told him that she had headache and her body doesn't feel right and blah blah blah God knows what..) the doctor told us that she had a fever.. Oooppss.. Her body temperature is 38°C at that moment.. And then I was like, what? 38?! She was just a degree beyond the set point body temperature.. Then, the doctor referred her to the GH because she was a dengue suspect.. He told us that she had to have her blood sample taken and charged into the pediatric ward if she had dengue for real.. I don't really think that she had a dengue.. Actually, I dont even like the disease.. Basically, I don't like mosquito causing disease.. I don't know why, but I despise them.. especially malaria.. 

In the car, on our way to the GH, my sis game had slowly fade.. I reckon she's not in the mood to play anymore as she need to have her blood sample taken after this.. While on our way, she kept telling us that she's sure that its not a dengue and maybe they should just send her to school.. See, she was willing to go to school back because she was afraid of needles.. Such a drama queen..

At the hospital, the situation was a little bit, can i say, pathetic.. Entering the hospital, i can smell the clorox on the floor, proof that they're using clorox to clean their floor.. Come on, who still use Clorox as floor cleaner.. That is soo last season and also, nose-soring.. I carried along with me my new novel, Handle With Care by Jody Picoult.. Its a very good novel, wait for my next book review.. I saw teens of my age and kids, not to mention even the adults are sitting on the waiting bench staring at the walls.. Some of them are loitering around, children are running and screaming on top of their lungs (don't their mother told them not to do so in hospital?), the teens are smoking outside, et cetera.. It seemed that I am the only one  out of the many people waiting in the waiting room (not all of them needed to be treated.. most of 'em are family members just like me..) with a book in my hand.. So, while waiting (since the TV is not working), instead of staring blankly at the walls and the clorox scented floor, I decided to get into my book.. I thought, maybe if the kids saw me reading book, they would feel like hey, that guy is reading a novel.. Let's read! Looks like fun.. I was setting an example here.. Its my duty as a Malaysian, and I am proud to help our nation.. You know, its not really hard to bring a book anywhere you go.. Even if you don't have the time, there's nothing to loose if you have a book in hand.. Who knows, maybe the time comes and instead of lookng stupid doing nothing, you can read your book.. Right? Its a very good habit actually.. And me, myself also had started to nurture this habit in me.. 

When the doctor checked on my sis, he said that my sis temperature was 37.8°C.. And after her blood sample taken, she's completely out of her play.. Its a very good play indeed.. She told us that she's already starting to feel well.. Tired of the game already, eh? However, the doctor gave the medical chit till she fully recover.. And now, here is she, with me, at home..

Conclusion: Hypothesis proven.. My lil sis is a drama queen indeed.. Give her a round of applause please.. :)

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