Saturday, January 22, 2011

Book Review: Committed - Elizabeth Gilbert

Committed - Elizabeth Gilbert

Gilbert comes back with her latest witty and sensational hit, Committed.. Lame introduction, i know, but who cares.. As the title of this post had it, yup, I'm reviewing a book that I had just recently finished reading.. Let me warn you, I'm not a real professional dudes doing those reviewing stuffs as you can see and read in magazines or newspapers.. I'm just a regular 18 yo boy talking on what i feels after reading some books or novel.. So, if you dont really like what Im about to say, I've warned you.. This is just how i feel after reading a book with no intention to harm or publicly commercialize any reading material.. 

So, here it is, this book is mainly a memoir.. Its actually a long memoir.. however, if you expect this book to have a narrative like story telling of a memoir, maybe you shouldn't put your hands on this book.. The reason is that, there is very little story line in this book that sometimes it doesn't even fits the chronology.. However, its still jam packed with loads of important facts and bits about the holy matrimony.. From history of marriage, views on marriage from various cultures to the ceremonial event itself, this book really show how intelligent and creative Gilbert is in expressing her thought.. This book is a proof on how complicated her mind could sometimes be taking the consideration that she always take things beyond the normal human thinking.. Based on what i read, obviously, she had done a pretty rough research on all those stuffs since there are soo many facts from real people (meaning that, what written in her book is a real deal..)

 For some of you, this book may seems a little bit boring and dull, but not for me.. I found it very refreshing and I would proudly to recommend this book to every bride and groom to be.. Since this would make a good guide for them.. This book could lit up some dark corners in our mind that we had never even thought of about marriage.. Since it is a book on the topic of Marriage, words such as matrimony, fidelity, loyalty, love, honour, and of course, marriage is widely used in most pages.. 

I'm not actually going to peel off the tit bits from the book here since it would be very wrong for me to do so since I believe not many of you guys have read it.. So, what im going to elaborate here is mainly on what its all about.. 

This book, Committed, is a heart warming memoir slit together with facts and truth (or maybe facts slitted with the memoir stuffs) that not many of us knew about marriage and babies.. Following Gilberts adventure of having to get married with her boyfriend, Felipe (whom we already met in Bali in Eat Pray Love) after he was deported from the United States for that he does not have the legal US citizenship, we are fed with exciting stories of the holy matrimony from every side of the world you could ever think of.. However, we're still exposed to Gilbert's travel through the South East Asian countries even though they are not the main focus but still, we could get the glimpse of the ancient Cambodia, Bangkok, Laos and also Vietnam.. 

I can't really say that I love the book since most of the times I can't really get it when she describes on the twisting facts of marriage (especially when it comes to the history chapter, blimmey, that's the most boring chapter in the book).. But still, I found it a worthwhile reading material and a good page-turner.. By the way, after I finished the book, I quickly go to the bookstore to get a grip on my new novel, Room by Emma Donoghue.. I'm still going through the novel, and trust me, its really worth everything- your time, money, etc etc.. :)

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  1. shahidah lg;
    cube hate list by jennifer brown
    yg ni pon paling best gile yang teramat sangat
    tp mmg byk flaws la ie;
    -ade character yang die x kembangkan
    -plot die x byk

    despite all that
    yang buat aku suke sangat cite ni
    sbb the girl,val sangat strong

    boyfriend die,nick shoot orang dlm 'hate list' yang dorang nick ngan val buat
    lps tu,nick bunuh diri
    it seems the whole world dah salahkan die for the shooting
    padahal die x tw pon yang nick plan nak buat mcm tu

    so buku ni cite pasal how she cope with everything la
    tersedu sedu aku nanges bace buku ni
    sbb klu aku jd val tu
    aku xkn boleh hidop punye la