Sunday, January 23, 2011

I saved a kitten and then kill it..

she looks something like this..

It happens few weeks back.. It was morning around 8 am.. My parents were off to work leaving me alone at home waiting for my driving school agent to pick me up for the day driving lesson.. However, I thought he was a quite late that day since it was already past 8.. So, I locked the gate and everything to talk a walk around my house thinking that he might come any minute so maybe I could be extra ready when he came since he's pretty late for the day..

It was a nice walk.. My neighbours passed me by with a smile on their morning jog.. The humid air and breeze was so refreshing.. As I walk past my backyard, I heard a very loud meow..  So, the curious me tried to track the source and found out that it was a black kitten in a drain.. She (I actually doesn't really know the kitten's gender, so I just used 'she' to replace 'it' to give a more dramatic effect.. lol.. however, the indication of feminism here does not represent sexist or whatever.. It's just a matter of language and have nothing to do with any female properties that can be considered as sexual insult) was meowing in the drain for help, all wet with last night pouring rain.. She seems very cold and frightened.. 

Then, I quickly lifted her from the drain and put her on the side of the road.. She was shivering with cold and meowing as loud as she can.. Dirty was the only word that could fit her perfectly at that time.. I really wished I could give her some food and blanket her with something but I had locked the house and I dont feel like going back all my way back into my house for it.. Hence, I left her there hoping that maybe, someone would saw her and decide to keep her..

Instead, what happen was, that evening, I went back to the spot and found out that she was dead.. She was all flat with one of her hind leg separated along with the tail.. It was a very bizarre view indeed.. She was hit by a car.. How cruel is that for a kitten.. And I felt very terrible that day.. I wished I had keep her safe that day.. If i could take back that time, I would place her at my porch and feed her.. But I guess, the word that fit her best that day was bad luck instead.. 

RIP black kitten... God bless her..  

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