Tuesday, January 18, 2011

blah blah blah..

I know its been like months since I last updated this blog.. but hey, don't blame me.. I have a pretty valid excuse for this.. At least, its valid enough for me..

Just finished watching When In Rome.. It's a good movie, it is.. but, still, the ending is quite predictable..[BIG SPOILER ALERT IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE MOVIE] The first moment I saw the priest at the chapel during the wedding, I knew it that he's the one who own the chip.. Taken from what he said to wed Nick and her, it's pretty obvious that its him that own the poker chip.. However, I still wonder how on earth does the spell on the priest is broken when its not her that return the chip to the fontana.. Nick did it.. And Umberto stated that to reverse the spell, the coin must be returned to the fountain by herself, and not her boyfriend.. Okay, i keep using the word 'her' because i dont actually remember her (again) name.. and the only her i kept saying just now is the heroin of the movie- Kristen Bell..

Actually, I don't really have a single idea on what i am trying to post this time.. so,  i guess, just more craps for all of you to feed on.. Few days ago, one of my friend from my former MJSC, (need not to mention his/her name here..) expressed his/her despise on the way i always post stuffs on Facebook.. He/she exclaimed how he/she hate and annoyed by my usage of English as my primary language in Facebook by telling me that I am 'berlagak mat saleh'.. How annoying is that.. By the way, i dont think all of my post is in English and whatever it is, he/she have nothing to do with whatever i've done which means that I dont think the way i  post my posts really affected anything of his/her.. but still, it annoys me.. well, im not trying to say that I am good in English (which is definitely not true) but this is actually the only way i could practice writing in English since it would be months till i would continue my study which then will require me to write and speak in English as in English english not Manglish.. lol.. 

Right now, I'm still on my way to finish my new novel, as you can see above, Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert.. This is actually, the sequel to her bestseller, Eat Pray Love (which had been converted to up to 30 languages, which means that the novel or maybe a memoirs has a good wow factors) talking mostly on her decision to get married with the guy he met in Bali, Felipe.. The writing is good as hell and she still keeps her witty personality in there which is a good thing since it would be dull and boring if its not since reading the book can actually feels like reading a text book for married people.. literally.. there's even history of marriage in there taking up one whole chapter.. what can i say is just that, this is still one of Gilbert's best magnum opus.. great page turners it is.. After this, i am aiming to get a new novel called Room by Emma Donoghue (see below).. I found it real interesting and I cant wait to put my hands on it.. If any of you guys had read it, let me know if its not good.. Because i wont go for it if its lame..

Last but not least, I think i like my new banner up there..(Dont tell me its hideous) it looks perfectly fit with this blog theme; The Adult Circus.. Till then, cheers!.. :)

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