Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Book Review: Room - Emma Donoghue

Room - Emma Donoghue

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This book is an art.. It may not be an elegant painting or even a wondrous sculpture.. It is an art on it own.. A literature art in novel form.. Its not an everyday wonder we could read an art you know.. So, this book could probably be on of the best book I have ever read.. Actually, it really deserves a 5 hearts but unfortunately, this book has its flaws.. Every book has it flaws, but this one, it's quite obvious.. Anyway, Mirror Book of the Week also had rated this book with four stars.. Four stars isn't that bad..

Well, I won't spill anything, but here's a little synopsis on what its all about.. The novel is a view from a five years old boy, Jack living with his Ma in a locked room.. He was kept hidden in a cupboard in the room every night when their captivator, Old Nick come most nights. The description of living in a 11x11 foot room with lack of furnitures and connection with the outside world is enough to let you feel the claustrophobic sensation.. Ma had been hold for 7 years since she was 19 as a sex slave to a man known as Old Nick by Jack.. Jack was raised in a locked room until he was five not knowing the existence of the world outside.. He saw them on the TV but he just assume that it's only in TV and unreal.. His only friends were the cartoon character he saw in TV, Dora, Spongebob, and Diego.. Until one day, Ma decide to tell the truth about the outside world to Jack.. He found it hard to believe but he did it anyway and finally, they both managed to escape from the room.. Then, start the story of Jack coping with outside world which he barely know the existence.. From there, the story get more exciting but still, full of suspense and heart-wrenching events..

This book is very imaginative.. It puts you in the mind of a 5 years old boy, Jack.. The storyline is carefully plotted from his view.. It is dark, compelling, but yet still have the sense of humour created by the little boy thinking.. Some parts are very touching like when Jack rescued his Ma through the Great Escape.. I almost cried reading that moment.. Praise to Emma for her ability to create a very deep connection between the novel and the reader.. After reading the novel, you eventually had built a great feelings for Jack (at least, I did).. Even though he's fictional, but I love him profoundly.. The journey with Jack through this novel is pretty inspiring.. Besides the claustrophobic sensation during the first half of the novel, it inspires us to appreciate what we have, the abundance of space around us and feels the pain of thousands of others out there who were cruelly and brutally kept as captive as sex slave.. This unique and original story really breaks my heart.. I never had read anything like it before.. The captivating story make you can't put this book down.. You want to keep reading just to know what would happen to this little boy, Jack..

For me, this book is a very creative work of art.. It shows us that you don't really need to have any 10 letters word in a book to make it a good one.. Since the persona in the story is a 5 years old boy, most of the language is pretty inaccurately used.. Even some of the words are not really a word.. For example, 'most beautifullest', 'fasterer', 'brung', 'he/she person', 'unlying', and lots of other grammar mistake.. However, we can't blame a five year old kid for wrong usage of grammar and vocabulary.. Right? Still, my favourite words which is not even words are the one he calls 'Sandwich Words' such as scared+brave='scave' and cool+scary='coolary'.. Emma is a very imaginative author.. Everything that she wrote in this novel is very convincing enough to let you believe that everything is out of the kid's brain.. You won't even notice that the book is written by an adult, instead, you'll feel like you're reading a kid's written book.. How cool is that.. Every sentence in this book are as witty and as rascally as a five years old boy thoughts.. 

Last but not least, this book is highly recommended.. If you need to read a book, let it be this one.. Trust me, you cannot not to love it.. This is a must read for all of you reading this post.. Now, click that little 'x' mark on the top of your browser and go straight ahead now to your bookstore and grab this book.. That's how recommended this book is.. This book will melt your heart..

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  1. weyh,
    shahidah ni
    aku nak recommend kat ko satu buku nih
    not one la exactly sebab die series
    author ; cassandra clare

    the mortal instrument
    serious best gile
    tp mortal instrument ni sequel
    ade 6 series total
    tp book 4 5 ngan 6 x kuar lg

    pastu ade the infernal device
    yang ni prequel for the mortal instrument tu
    yang ni pulak ade 3 books
    tp yang dah keluar cume book 1