Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Official Single Cover of Parachute - Cheryl Cole
Well, you might notice the music video on the top right of this page.. And as you're reading this, it may be the song Parachute by Cheryl Cole.. If not, maybe you're too late and I might have replaced it with another song.. Btw, the point here is about the selection of the song.. The reason of the usage of the music video instead of other thousands music video available on the web..

No doubt, Cheryl Cole is a beauty bitch.. She could be the most beautiful English artist we ever met.. At least she topped the FHM 100 Sexiest Women in the World list.. not once, twice in a row (2009-2010).. Maybe she's not American but I believe that she is on the same standard (or maybe above in certain cases) with the other american fellas that we admire much.. Besides, she's also a successful singer, songwriter, dancer, and model.. Her beauty added with the amazing moves on stage, she's a legend..

Enough  of her, the actual point of this post is basically on the music video.. Well, if you haven't seen it yet, well, scroll up and pay your fullest attention on it.. Or if it is too small that you might need a magnifying glass, then maybe you should search it on youtube instead.. Well, in case you can't read, the topmost banner in this page read 'The Adult Circus'.. And also, if you still can't notice, the background of this whole blog and everything is circus themed.. Talking about the theme, some of you might ask me, why the French on the sidebar.. I can't really say that circus originated from France since I knew it's from the Roman Empire.. But what can I say that, most of the circuses that we met use French language widely in their commercials and ads.. Example is the infamous Cirque du Soleil (translate: Circus of the Sun) and Cirque du Freak (not an actual circus, its actually Darren Shan's fictional circus translated as Circus of the Freak).. However, its my blog and the usage of French there make me feel more circussy (not an actual word).. Back to the music video, well, by viewing in the artistic dance and everything, we can see;

Well, I love art and this is pretty artistic for me.. Honestly, what's not art in the entire music video.. For me, the whole thing is an art.. A lovely one..

The next thing in line is, sexiness.. Well, theres actually lots more scenes in the music video which can be regarded as sensual and sexy.. However, I believe, this is enough to deliver the point.. Besides being an art, the moves also convey a lot of sexiness (not erotically or any other exotic stuffs you have in your mind) of the art of dancing itself..

Being in a circus means that you'll need a ring leader, right? Actually, this moment (above) really made her look like one.. Well, maybe the white outfit doesn't really ring leader type, but still, she looks like one (at least, I think she does).. Besides, we also would need wild animal to have a circus or else it won't be a circus.. I found that her hair in the picture above actually looks wild.. Maybe wild in the 'lion' sense.. 

Next, the music video is also mysterious.. What I mean is that the whole color scheme is pretty mysterious.. Its not that coulourful, there's not even much of a colour there.. So, I believe that the mysterious feeling is well conveyed..

It might not be that noticeable from her dark outfit but in this picture, she actually is promoting a Tag Heuer watch.. Now you know..  Lastly, I can also feel the spirit from this music video.. Its all on celebrating the spirit of trust in love.. 

So, the selection of this music video as the only music video in my La Musique section is basically on the elements in the music video itself; art, sexy, mystery, spirit and well, maybe, the ring leader and wild animal stuffs.. Whats not a circus based on those elements.. I reckon it actually fits well with my theme, circus.. Don't think so? Then, shut up and I don't care what you think..

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