Saturday, February 5, 2011

What the (beeeeeb)!!

Straight to the point, how many of you does not have any single idea that f*ck is fuck.. or maybe, sh*t is shit or b**ch is bitch.. cant read my lips? dont understand? tell me that, and guess what made you; a big badass liar.. For heaven sake, I am quite clueless on the usage of these asterisks on this beautiful words..  I mean, come on, do you guys seriously think that with all these asterisks those dirty words would loose all its obscenity and voted to be consider as mild language? You know the answer.. You can hide some of the letters so that the reader could play hangman while surfing the net hoping that they wont figure out the exact word and saving the real meaning for yourself.. however, you knew the damn truth that your readers are a remarkable hangman fans.. you knew well that you actually can't hide the word by only hiding several letters in the words.. So, it leaves you either to express your strong language verbally, or just simply keep it to yourself since your attempts to hide the words are obviously pointless.. Okay, maybe some of you would think that those asterisks could make a strong word seem mild enough to be accepted in public.. Tell you what, a bitch is a bitch and a whore is a whore.. I cant find the reason why would a b**ch appear to be more polite than bitch.. Frankly speaking, its ridiculous.. how could you think two words (in this case, we consider it as two since the spelling is quite different.. Wait, can word without complete spelling even be considered as a word?) of the same meaning can be different in term of morality or acceptance in public.. However, when you wrote these word with the asterisks, it will still be pronounced as the original spelling.. Find me anyone who can actually pronounce f*ck as a word and you'll have all my respect.. So, whats the real point of censoring the word when it will still be read and said out loud the same way it is uncensored.. My opinion, if its situationally inappropriate to say fuck or shit, its just as situationally inappropriate to say f*ck or sh*t.. Can't agree? Guess you just have to face it. Suck it. Deep..

Euphemism.. Im a great fan of euphemism.. Its cool when you can say harsh stuffs in such delicate manner.. What im trying to convey here is a close cousin of the asterisks-bonded strong words mentioned before.. If fuck is f*ck, then fuck is also eff.. Sounds cute but I guess the whole idea of creating a whole new word for the original offensive one is just the same as the usage of bleeps to cover the letters; to make obscene words mild and can i say, unoffensive.. Well, im not saying that this is also ridiculous, its good to enrich our international language with modern and new words so that our future generation could talk a whole new language as what had happened to us compared to the old English.. However, some people uses these cute words hoping that they could disguise their dirty words in a fancy new look.. For those who think that this is less offensive, there's nothing i can say much here, because I also had the tendency to believe that words such as biotch, eff, goddang, is way less offensive than the original bitch, fuck and goddamn.. Especially, the latter.. Perhaps these words are meant to be the less offensive version of the original words.. 

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