Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I Screwed Up!

No, I'm still alive and I don't get into car accident.. However, still, the title said it all.. Today is my driving test, and I screwed everything up.. Its not like I made a freaking major mistake, and mind you, those 'x' marks on the slip are caused by a single incident.. Fuck me..  Overall, I managed to get 14/20.. Less two marks to pass.. I'm not blaming anybody here, its just that I felt like I deserve to get better mark than that.. Its not like I was driving like I was going to murder anybody..

In case you guys wonder what the effing mistake I had done, well, actually, I sped up at the traffic post.. Heres the thing, as I was driving, the traffic post was still green and I was like about 300 meters from the intersection.. And the moment the traffic post is just like 3 meters from my vehicle, the green light starts to fucking flicker.. For Gods sake, its not even New Year's Eve to start flickering lights.. And of course, the green light put me in deep dilemma on whether I should stop right where I was while the green light is still flickering or just sped and pass the intersection without getting caught by the yellow light.. The thing is, if I stopped, the traffic light would still be fluckering the green light and the vehicles behind me might just get pissed off or maybe just kiss my rear for the worst.. Or if I just sped up, I could save myself from those risks and leave with no problem.. However, I guess there was problems.. When I sped up, and turn right at the intersection, the car would turn in such harsh manner that I believed I could see the frightened face of my tester at the passenger seat.. Well, for that, I got 'x's for (a) bad steering control, (b) disobeying the traffic light instruction, (c) not braking to reduce the vehicle's speed, and obviously (d) driving dangerously.. Honestly, that moment, I really wished there would be earthquake or something so that I could retest.. Right after, I was supposed to change my lane to the left lane, so, being a good driver, I lighted up the left signal and move to the left lane.. What I don't notice is that, while I was moving to the next lane, my signal went off.. For me, its not my fucking problem and I dont deserve another 'x' on my pretty slip; for not using the signal when necessary.. Urrgghh.. I'm sick of all this..

Still, what I don't really understand is the last 'x' I had on my test slip; for not using the correct gear in accordance with speed.. What the hell?! As far as I can recall from my driving lessons, I had never been complaint for using the wrong gear with the wrong speed.. Hence, since the tester did not even put a comment under that particular 'x', I assume that he put it there just so that I would not get over frustrated when my total mark is just one mark below the pass mark.. And also, maybe so that I won't hate his whole guts which eventually, I do hate him.. I get it, its my own mistake, but seriously, the gear and the signal thing?! Its not like I did it on purpose.. Its not like I shut the signal light on my own.. That damn CAR did it.. And because of his stupid car, I get to pay for it.. Right, how fucking unfair crap pile of shit we're living in.. 

To get thing even worse, by the end of this month, my family and I are moving to Kuala Lumpur.. And yes, I need to go to another driving school there and start learning the route all over again.. Aside from the upcoming flow of cash for my driving lesson, I would need to memorize another route.. As I claimed in my previous post, I am not really a road whiz.. memorizing paths had always been my problem.. I guess another whole month for me before I get my driving license.. And what I am worrying about is that my test route in KL might be busier that here in Malacca.. I mean, its KL, everyone drives all the time...

I haven't told my mum yet bout this.. Maybe when she get home from work this evening.. However, I can already sense her freaking out on that news.. Maybe she would even make me pay the next lesson myself! God forbid.. Whatever it is, its still a long journey before I get my driving license.. And just for the record, I still haven't go to my second motorcycle lesson.. This whole thing had already stressing me out.. Hope my mum would come up with a better idea not involving me to go to another driving lesson...

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