Monday, February 21, 2011

drive mania

I think its obvious enough that my post this time is gonna be about my another driving experience.. Well, I just got back from my driving class and tell you what, this time, I made it.. I dont blew things up as often as I used to and believe me, this time, its forgivable.. For the first time, I could call myself an acceptable driver.. yay me!

Since its a good experience, so, of course, there's less stuffs to curse on - meaning that this post will not be that long..  However, I'm still novice at this driving stuffs (I guess, since I dont really have my license yet!) and I think its totally forgivable if I forgot to use the signal once or twice.. or maybe three times? And its also acceptable if I drive above the speed limit.. But, looking back, my real driving test are supposed to be the freaking day after tomorrow.. And honestly, I can say that I am still in huge trouble in passing the test... There's just lots of stuffs that I'm not really good at.. I screw things up sometimes and I'm crossing my fingers that it wont happen on my test day.. Thinking bout it had me nervous already.. God.. I really need to pass this test.. Its not like I really need to drive, but dude, every teenagers need to drive! Still, apart of being teenager things, maybe when I get my license I could drive to college or to the malls with my buddies.. However, yet, my mum already made an arrangement to have me to send and pick her from work.. Yeah, thats great.. I'm officially my mother's driver.. 

So, tomorrow would be my last driving license before I would be all good for the test.. The problem is, I'm still quite confused with the route.. Honestly, I'm not the road whiz kid type.. Even when its the same road, I never would recognise if I was on the other direction.. I have problem to memorize landmarks - the gas station, mall, school, whatever - because most of my brain is focussed on the road and the cars around me, leaving no space for me to watch the buildings or other structures across the white line.. Maybe Im a good driver but not in the map sense.. Whatever it is, i think its pretty obvious that I'm the gps kinda driver.. Just so you know, I never really actually fond of this driving shit and stuffs.. I'm more into public transport.. Save the environment, yep.. Lack of confidence in driving on my own, maybe yes.. So, again, I had considered taking this driving license so that  could technically be my mother's driver.. I'm not complaining here, she's my mother afterall.. Its just that I think I dont really like driving.. I know, I'm a dude, and cars should be my toys but still, maybe, its just not my time yet.. I dont know when it would be but 'm pretty sure that one day, (after all those pushing and annoying causes) I'll drive..

Lastly, guys, wish me my best for my upcoming test..  I need it.. bad.

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