Monday, February 7, 2011

Bad Hair Day..

First of all, let me credit (so that I wont get arrested or whatsoever depicting the law on copyright infringement.. Honestly, i would never do so and had never intended to..) the comics i've used on this post including the last post and also the upcoming posts to Natalie Dee.. I love her artwork and the sense of humour she delivered.. 

Okay, the thing is, I just get back from my driving class.. I always love driving compared to riding a motorbike.. The reason could be that I do better in my driving lesson compared to the motorbike lesson.. Seriously.. When it comes to my motorbike class (which I had been avoid to mention since the first class and refused to go to the second even though my mum had been stressing me out forcing me to go to the class), I had always been the lamest and idiot to ride it.. I  can't even get that damn thing started.. Go ahead, laugh, I wont mind and I dont care.. I reckon the reason that i suck at motorbike is because I am a copy of my mum.. While my lil sis a complete photocopy of  my father (if we put the gender part aside), I was like my mum's twin brother.. We always share the same interests and most of our traits are completely identical (except the part when she start babbling in her attempt to make me clean my room (well, I'm a teenage boy, don't blame me if I have my clothes or undies on the floor.. It's natural, right? The whole hormone thing and all..))..  My mum, she had always been the motorbike freak.. When i was like eleven to twelve, when my peer cousins had started to ride bikes by themselves, my mum had never let me learn to ride them.. She claimed it to be dangerous and everything for the fact that she was and will always be afraid of motorbike.. I guess, I get it from her then - the insecurity feelings when I'm on it.. Ironically, right now, she was the one who keep forcing me to go to that stupid class.. but still, i wont..

The motorbike thing has nothing to do with what I had been experiencing today.. Even though its still morning (well, we still have around 20 minutes till noon), I am pretty sure that today was my bad hair day.. Everything I did seems to be out of place, and ridiculously stupid.. Nothing seems to be working quite well and let alone being idiotic.. I never read my horoscope because I don't really believe all those stuffs (i mean, seriously, how could stars determine whats happening in your life.. If it is real, I guess each day, there would be only 12 things going to happen in the entire globe  since people would be divided into their twelve respective zodiacs).. but, i guess if its real, the Scorpio part of todays horoscope column in the newspaper would read, 'You'll have the worst day of your life today.. You'll might want to consider suicide since you'll suffer till the end of the day.. In case you do, please feel free to take any shards of glass or razor knife to cut your wrist.. It wont make any difference anyway'.. Nothing had really happened actually, except my shitty driving today, but I know, its going to be a very long day.. I just hope I wont die today.. :(

Talking bout my driving, I guess you folks deserve to know what had actually happened.. Today driving class was supposed to start at 10 am.. However, the guy who were supposed to pick me up from my home was a bit late like usual.. typical of him.. When we arrived at the driving school, he parked the car and asked me to drive along the road which is supposed to be the test route when the day comes.. This is my second time doing this, so, I was quite confident at first.. I always suck at getting out of the parking lot, so, that didn't spoil my mood yet.. When we started to drive on the road, I don't know why, (maybe the horoscope thing, i guess) I was driving as if I'm trying to commit suicide.. And of course, that guy who were supposed to teach me to drive went extra grumpy today.. He was shouting at every corner and intersections annoying me to the limit where i almost punched his teeth out.. And that was very frustrating.. All my confidence are gone as if they had flew out of the car window freaked out by all those yells..  Hence, I continue my drive feeling grumpy as well ( I wonder if grumpiness actually contagious; being besides him making me feels grumpy too..) and took on most corners and u-turns as dangerous as i can get... There's this one time when I turned left on a junction and the car turns like those drift scenes you saw on the movies.. You know, the screeching sound and all the stupid files in the car moved to the other side of the car.. I thought it was awesome and the adrenaline rush makes me feel adventurous, but my driving teacher seemed to be extra unhappy bout that.. Right after, he asked me to drive straight home..

I dont know if there's really actually a day when things doesnt work out the way it was supposed to be because I can't recall having one before.. But today, is definitely the day.. It's till early, but i have a good feelings that things would get worse.. Im crossing my finger that I wont have to face any death today, because that could probably be the worst thing ever could happen in my life.. God, please, show me some mercy..

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