Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Actual snapshot from my Tumblr..
Well, just to be honest, I actually, have nothing in my mind to write about for this post.. Its just that I felt like its been long since my last post and the guilt of not updating this is consuming me..  Please, don't blame me, actually, I was just introduced too this new (for me) social site, Tumblr, by my friend, Adrian, and blimmey, its that distracting.. For those who never knew what Tumblr is, let me make it easy for you.. Well, actually, its a lot like twitter with a hint of blog and photobucket.. Its a site where people could blog and put almost anything on the web.. However, still, I don't really recommend this site if you're one goddess of blog since well, actually, you can blog on Tumblr, but I have a good feeling (based on my observation, of course) that most of the users don't really write stuffs for more than one paragraph like what we do in Blogger.. So, its more to twitter-wise without the 140 characters and media (pics and vids) posts that does not require you to be directed to another site.. However, let me just stress it out here that Tumblr does not actually works like Twitter.. Tumblrs dont post "Just picked up my son from school" or "dreaming about getting laid tonight".. Just so you know, in term of the length of your post, you're getting it just fine.. But, actually, other tumblrs don't really give a shit on what you're doing with your son or whether you'll get fucked or not.. Its more to sharing interests with people globally by following others and be followed (yea, i know, just like Twitter).. Hence, the thing is, Twitter and Tumblr are actually incomparable.. Each have their own style and agenda of usage.. For an instant, you'll never get to know artists gossip straight from the pot if you're on Tumblr.. And, you'll also will never get to see what people of the same interest as you are, are sharing stuffs.. They're both unique in their own way..

Looks like I already got a topic to spit out on; Tumblr.. So, I just got into this Tumblr thing and still gathering followers across the countries who are also True Blood die hard fan(g)s.. I'm not giving away my Tumblr here, but if you wish to get connected with me through it, just contact me; leave a comment or anything.. I'll try to get in touch.. Back to the topic, Tumblr for me, is quite entertaining in term of trying to collect more and more followers as you share more pics and thoughts.. Its quite fun to share with other people of the same interest on stuffs that only you can understand.. I mean, have you ever been desperate enough to tell your friends about the TV series you saw last night just to turn out that they actually have no idea on the craps you're giving out because they don't watch that TV show.. But on Tumblr, that wont happen.. As you all know, I am a huge fan of True Blood.. However, sad enough, all of the other friends of mine at high school does not watch the show.. So, it ends up me, trying to impress them by talking tits and bits of what I've seen on that show knowing that they dont actually listen to what I was delivering.. Pathetic. but you know better how it felt when being excited on something having no one to share it with..

So, it occurs to me to be one of the tumblrs who share True Blood stuffs with the other fellow followers; from still pictures, animated pictures, videos, quotes, links, and even thoughtful comments.. Well, sometimes, we also share jokes to crack on and new updates on the latest events.. Its very interesting but not (yet) contagious enough to leave me glued to the page all day long.. 

However, I still could not agree on the usage of the term blog for the posts in Tumblr.. I have no idea why should a post consisting of one letter be called a blog.. Its more like an extra super-duper ultra short blog.. As far as I'm concern, blogs are supposed to be stuffs that you post on the net with a complete sentence to let out your thoughts or opinions.. It just doesnt feel right to post a single picture and call it a blog.. Whatever it is, I have no right to condemn anything about that and lets just leave it to those who own it.. No more complaints.. I guess I'll have to end it here..  Adieu! 

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