Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I know, it had been a while since I updated this baby.. Its just that, lately, I had been quite busy with stuffs.. So, here are the summarized few things that you guys missed;
  • Happy birthday to you.. Squashed potatoes and glue.. You look like a monkey, and you act like one too (in the cliche happy birthday song rhythm and tone) Okay, actually its my lil sis birthday.. You might remember her from the drama queen post.. Nothing much happened, except the usual annoyance and the drama that she put on..
  • I passed my car license test.. Still, if you already expecting the Ode to Joy playing in the background, well, I dont know.. I just felt.... nothing?!
Back to the main thing, I had just semi-moved.. I know, the word seems weird enough for me too.. However, i reckon its quite fancy compared to half-moved which remind me of half-boiled eggs.. Don't ask me why, I wished I had the answer too.. In case you're wondering - of fucking course you do - what the hell I'm talking bout, I had just moved somewhere temporarily until our 'real' home is ready.. This whole mess is actually by the fact that we're moving to another state without the home buying process things - adult stuffs, is supposed - is done.. However, my mum had to start working here like, the day after we moved in and yeah, we have to settle down first at this not-so-lovely house in a middle of nowhere.. really, nowhere..

So, we arrived yesterday and my mum told me that we are just to live here for a while until our real lovely home is ready for us.. By temporary, I knew she didn't really meant that.. And by that, I'm not saying a couple of weeks.. It might just be more than a fucking month.. Well, in two weeks, we are going to Bali, and I believe by that time, we'll still be stucked in this shit hole..

If you already think that I am just acting all exaggerating pansy bitch, tell you what, the fact is, this house really felt nothing better than living in an old shipwreck.. Actually, this is our house, but not really our home, since we never had stayed for more than a week.. But, however, since we can't afford a comfortable hotel for the whole month, this house was the result of our desperateness.. Its not like I'm not supporting my parents for their works and all (my dad just told me that he had just got promoted), and I am totally not complaining being here knowing that its like the least I could do in showing my support this family..

Well, the thing is, this is one old house of ours.. So, there's not even much furniture here.. As a matter of fact, I'm not sure if we could call these stuffs furnitures.. The house is all dusty and gloomy.. Although its concrete, I still manage to imagine the wall collapsing burying me alive.. and virgin.. However, the worst thing is, because of the lacking of furniture and the collapsing rooms, we ended up staying the bunch of us (good thing my sis is in boarding school) in one fucking little cunt room.. You read that right, one room.. For one month.. Three of us.. Cool.. If you're asking why we don't move stuffs from our old home here, well, like I said before, we just semi-moved.. And it was supposed to be temporary.. Little fucking did I know that one month is temporary.. Being in one room with my family is one thing.. Loosing all my privacy in an instant is another.. I mean, how awkward is it to watch late night show with your parents snoring their heads off right next to you.. Oh, and just so you know, we don't have satellite channels here.. So, my life totally depends on the local networks to survive, which is another pain in the ass.. Its not really a good thing, you know, to keep a teenager in an uncomfortable place like this.. You might drive them crazy.. and blimmey, I'm already close to.. 

However, its not all entirely bad thing here.. My neighbour has a cute persian cat which my Mum describe as the cute squirrel-tailed cat.. Her tail - the cat, not my mum - could be the most fluffy thing I had ever seen in the whole world after cotton candy, of course.. She has those green eyes that make you feel like wanting to have them for exchange with yours.. Thats how cute the cat is.. The night we arrived here, while my dad was struggling with our front gate, the cat was sitting right next to our father watching him doing it.. And she even sat on our porch that night watching us while we're getting our things inside.. The bad thing is, she wont let me or any other strangers touch her lovely fur, except her owners.. Just to be honest, I am damn jealous of her (the owner).. You know what, this evening, as I was waiting for my mum to pick me up outside our house for dinner (oh, did I mention that staying here means that I probably have no chance at all to have home made meals?), that cat literally catwalked to her owner's car wating for her to get out of the car.. God.. One day, I wish I have a cat that would wait for me when I got back from work..

I dont like to move it, move it.. I dont like to move it, move it..
Gosh, I'll kill myself later for that joke..

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