Friday, March 11, 2011

Guilty Pleasure..

I think this is a real funny interpretation of guilty pleasure.. Oh, no, Harry Potter is not my guilty pleasure.. And so is Twilight.

.Anybody who tell me that he doesn't have a guilty pleasure means that either he has no life or in a bigger chance, he's lying.. So, since I do have life and I can't really tell if I'm a bigass liar, I guess, I have a guilty pleasure.. Fine, scratch that, make it, A FEW guilty pleasure.. Okay, I mean, its cool to have guilty pleasures.. Everybody have it.. at least one (even though I'm pretty sure that the chance is very low that its even hard to call it a chance).. Actually, to tell you the truth, I have never realise the existence of this particular guilty pleasure until yesterday.. The day that I was supposed to be wondering ALONE in Alamanda, Putrajaya because my friends can't make it with me.. Pathetically sad, yes.. But the good thing is, I found out my - another - guilty pleasure..

I must admit, this picture is beautiful and yet, quite exaggerating for my post this time..
Again, no! It does not have anything to do with boys either and neither is their cocks.. Its just what they're wearing.. You know how some girls like to spend their money on beautiful sexy lingeries with extra laces? Yeah, it happens to me too, minus the laces.. and maybe not the lingerie part too (because it just felt weird for a single 18 to have lingeries).. So, yep, I have passion for undies.. This may sound a bit awkward but honestly, I just love to collect beautiful and branded undies.. Or specifically, trunks.. I used to wear briefs and I still wore them occasionally, but I never have a boxer before.. I know, most guys nowadays prefer boxers as their favourite undergarment because they reckon briefs or trunks are holding their willies too tight and uncomfortable.. But personally, for me, wearing underwear is more than your own comfort, its how you feel when you wear it.. Its how your confidence rose when you wear them.. And thats how I felt when I wear expensive undies.. But still, not all briefs and trunks are uncomfortable.. Unless, you are wearing cheap made in China crap that is design specifically to make your dick shrink a few sizes.. And for boxers, my valid reasons for not having them are (a) boxers are just some mere, lame, and boring version of underwear (especially the ordinary checkered type.. I mean, just say 'boxer' and the first thing that would come across our mind is that cliche version of boxers.. How lame is that?).. and (b) I am pretty sure that boxers doesn't act much as an underwear.. Look, the old Indian had invented the underwear so that they would have something to hold their balls.. Therefore, obviously, boxers do not hold our balls and act more like a short shorts than underwear as the Indian opposes.. Since its not an ordinary to find a sexy and beautiful, briefs, I end up with various type of trunks.. and my favourite are the low-waist and low-rise trunks.. Just in case if you guys are wondering if I also have my collection of thongs or jockstraps.. Sorry to disappoint you, no, I dont have thongs and jockstraps.. Just to get pass the cashier is odd enough for an 18 like me with that kind of erotic undergarments..

I know, its weird for a young lad like me to have such passion, but honestly, eventhough its not quite publicly visible, I just felt more confident with myself wearing them.. This does not mean that my self-esteem is basically based on my underwear, its just the same way how some people love to flaunt their designer apparels to feel confident about themselves.. Except that I dont really flaunt them -I mean, you don't actually imagine me walking around the city with only my underwear, right?.. However, still, a passion is a passion like you can't really blame a guy for liking pizza the same way I like trunks.. I know, pizza and trunks is not the same thing, yet, I believe you don't actually decide to love pizza, right? It just happened and the same thing occurs to me.. In a different form..

So, the actual incident that brought me to this realisation of having this guilty pleasure is after I paid the cashier almost RM40 (plus minus 13USD) for that one piece of trunk you can see above (except that mine is orange, not purple).. To be honest, thats still not the most expensive trunk I ever had.. But it just struck me at that particular moment that I am obsess with trunks after looking back the other trunks I had at home.. The reason that I bought this trunk is only that I never heard of that brand before and its quite pricey.. So, I thought, maybe I should give it a try, hoping that it is another international branded trunks to add to my collection.. Seriously, how crazy is that?! My mum does not born me together with cold hard cash.. So, I dont really have my own personal income other than my weekly pocket money and spending them on undies seems rather wasteful to some.. But for me, it feels all worthy.. The idea of me having a new branded underwear makes me more alive.. Its hard to explain it, but I guess its the same feeling as when you get to watch a marathon of your favourite TV show; all excited and corny.. Oh, just so you know, I just googled and found out that skinXwear is a Malaysian underwear brand.. How surprise I am thinking back that it is almost just as good as my precious 2(x)ist.. The material is so smooth and light that I would think that I wore nothing if I put aside the fact that my dick is well positioned.. To spice thing up, the material is almost see through (if you stretch it long enough) and the pouch for your cock is well put.. It just fit you well.. And oh, not to mention, its low-waist; my fave.. 

Back to the thing, the main thing that made me feel this passion guilty is that I had never actually told my parents bout this.. I had never even show them my trunks.. Except the one they bought me.. I manage it real well that I had never left a single clue to them.. The boxes are the first thing I would get rid off.. And I never washed it with my other laundries.. I wash them in my own bathroom and dry them in my room.. You might think, whats wrong if my mum found out that I have beautiful undies.. Blimmey, you dont want your mum to found out that you are wearing brightly coloured undies with net.. Its just odd and I'm not ready to face it yet..  However, you can't hide forever, right? Earlier this year, my mum was helping me to tidy up my room -eventhough I had done everything to made her believe that I'll do it on my own because I never did - and guess what she found? My sexiest trunk.. It was like a brief, but with net on the side making it a trunk.. As my mum was holding it, I saw the weird stare in her face at that thing before I quickly grab it and hide it somewhere else.. Now you know how more weird it would get if my mum found it in the laundry basket.. Lucky enough for me, she didn't bring up that net underwear during our dinner.. 

I guess, this is quite a long post to be talking bout underwear, so, I guess, I'll call this an end before I start making more craps.. I know, this post would be controversial for my schoolmates but I reckon, I dont give a damn..