Monday, March 7, 2011


Okay.. The mark of a society to be free is the idea of allowing everyone to be fucking idiot and a cunt sucking bitch simultaneously.. The fact that people have the right to be able to make their voice audible to everyone is also the kind of freedom we have in our country.. Yep, you can make your voice heard to literally anyone as long as it doesn't get you shoved in the ass with another problem that you might kill yourself with.. I'm not talking bout rights crap or whatever.. I'm talking bout how smart people seems to be stupid enough to be very shallow when it comes to judging stuffs and spreading around that shitty opinion around.. resulting in the judged one loosing half of his/her self esteem.. 

It all started with my awesome and beautiful (or what Adrian describe as ANTM shot) Facebook profile picture which turns out to be somewhat motherfucking controversial;

Oh, hi hotness!
I have no idea if its the society I'm living in or the picture itself is controversial.. You tell me.. First, if this picture is really that controversial, I have no intention to have it that way and to tell you the truth, I can't see in any way this picture could be that controversial.. Unless you say being hot is controversial.. Well, theres several obvious remarks regarding this picture and some of 'em are good remarks and some of 'em are hideously sarcastic good remarks.. So, both them annoy me to the limit that I start to ignore every single effing comments under that picture.. Personally, I think its good to give honest comments on things but honesty also have its limit.. in both ways - either good remarks or bad remarks.. Example, if you see somebody with the face of a shithole, you can't just be completely honest and tell that guy (I'm not being sexist, this is just an example) that his face looks like shithole.. Instead, you can still be honest by using a lot nicer word to substitute shithole with word such as ugly (giving the fact that that person obviously looks nothing more like a cunt, he probably know that he's ugly and by saying that he looks like a shithole is an obvious insult to him compared to ugly).. And the same thing goes to compliments.. Too honest compliment might sound like (a) you're flirting or seducing someone, or (b) you're delivering an insulting sarcasm.. Either way, its not really a good way of complimenting, especially the latter.. 

Behind all this nagging, the actual story is that as soon as I posted this picture on my Facebook, I instantly received a pile of crap telling me how good I look in that pic which most of 'em are obvious acrimonies.. Its not that I dont appreciate those kind and generous remarks, its just that the last i checked, I am still a human being and still capable of having normal emotion.. Hence, if you say, I should be proud of the comments, I say, 'welcome back to Earth.. Hows the weather at Mars?'... Even a brainless tad wouldn't be that happy with such remarks.. I don't know if they're actually being just super honest or like I said before, its just plain mockery (I'm pretty sure that they're not trying to seduce me whatsoever because that would be just gross).. Still, if you guys really meant it (the good remarks, not the mockery, obviously), I reckon I owe you my gratification and to those who don't, all of you can be my cankerous, shit-stained, cunt-suck, cum-covered, cock-mongling, ass-fucking, dick-fisting, baby-raping, jizz-chugging, waste of a human being.. Rather than wasting your time on your effort of trying to be the pain in my ass, you should really use it instead to meet a shrink because you are clearly lacking of sense of humanity since I suppose, you enjoy seeing people like me being publicly humiliated.. Which I don't.. 

That - the bad sarcasm -  is one thing.. Another thing is talking shit bout me right behind my back.. To those folks, I crossed my fingers to have you reading this.. First of all, I know, gossiping is human nature.. Who could live without gossips.. Thats the exact purpose of the plethora of those tabloid newspapers and shitty gossip magazine; to feed us, the homo sapiens with stories about fake boobs so that we could survive the next day.. I know, its fun to gossip about your friends, your bosses, or even you colleagues, as long as it remains a gossip as in hearsay.. Which means, the identity of that particular person who started it is kept anonymous.. Still, people can't really stay anon especially if you're not that smart to be one.. So, the thing is, back to my wondrous pic, well, one of my schoolmate (Thats what I heard but I'm pretty sure theres piles more of 'em.. However, I dont really know this guy but what I know is that he's in the same highschool as me..) told my other friend that I looked uneasily GAY in that pic.. Okay, we have two things here.. First, that bad hearsay.. And second, that typical homophobic labeling.. Both of 'em - an extra juice of exhilarating fucking shit in my stomach.. Regarding the hearsay, well, actually I'm totally cool with gossips.. I've been used to people saying things behind my back.. Unfortunately, most of the time, I know these people.. So, it sure does annoy me to have some strangers (Well, I dont really know him.. I guess, its safe to consider him as stranger) talking shit behind my back.. Seriously, what the fuck?! I dont even know you and you already start telling people that I look gay in my own pic?? Dude, that just got you into my douche list.. Congratz! 

Next, the labeling issue.. I totally have no problem with homosexuals (although I found trannies are quite disturbing) and for me, whatever regarding others sexual orientation - be they straight, bisexual, gay, lesbian, or even disoriented (is it even possible) - is everyone personal issues.. I mean, having gay friends (especially if you're so sure bout it) doesn't mean that you get to be nosy so that you could annoyingly look down at them.. Still, I'm not claiming that wherever they jam their dicks into (esp. places where they're not supposed to be) is a right thing to do.. This time, I'm going for the natural side.. I know, the law of nature forbid us to fuck those of the same sex as us.. And even religions claim it to be sinful.. However, most of the time, theres still homosexuals who restrain themselves from fucking around but get married those of the opposite sex and breed till they're dead.. This is because, that kind of homosexuals are obviously, don't want to be one.. When they're still fetus, there's no computerized system of choosing their desired sexuality.. Even the mums don't have vending machine to choose their child from.. I am also pretty sure that those homosexuals don't really choose to be one.. Imagine, how could you change your liking from one gender to the other? Lets say, I am attracted to girls.. And somehow, I got the idea of turning gay because it sounds like fun.. So, I approaches some guys to make myself turned on.. Maybe I'll start with babysteps before going with larger steps into these gay stuffs.. You know what, honestly, I reckon I would never even make it to the larger steps.. I say, if a baby is three years old and still not walking, its not the babysteps the baby took is wrong, the baby is genetically ill.. Can't agree? Maybe you should give it a try.. And let me know if you manage to get full erection with cocks under your nose.. So, the point is, for me, being a homosexual is hard enough.. Especially when you're in a community which take it as quite a taboo.. Therefore, I don't really think by calling other people gays with the intention of insulting them is cool.. Its as if you're putting gay people in the lowest rank of society along with bitches and the other damned fucked ups for the fact that they had enough of their life.. I mean, go and ask any homosexuals if they really want to be straight, and they might probably tell you they would die to be one.. Its just that how could you be proud of who you are when the whole world is trying to make your life fucking miserable.. And by using the gays misery to put other people who aren't is just evil and a typical sign of offensive homophobic behaviour.. I thought the boobs enlargement creams commercials on local networks are offensive too.. But do we crack at them? Yes.. We make fun of them, calling them all dicks, and make them gold comedy.. Maybe its just human nature to put offensive material on others as a way to make them feel like they're better than the rest.. Resulting on calling everyone a gay when they felt insecure of themselves.. Tell you what, fuck them... Fuck these people.. They say God hate fags but what they never notice is that they're calling non-fags fags in a way of insulting which is just another sin after putting people of certain sexual orientation in the lowest hierarchy of society.. So, double sins there.. Again, I'm not actually defending the homosexuals, but I'm just showing a bit of empathy here..

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