Tuesday, March 8, 2011

La Musique

This is going to be a real short post.. Obviously, its bout the music you're listening in the background, hence the title of this post.. Right now, Nathan Barr had been my most favourite musician.. Looking at the album cover above, as you folks had expected, he's the one responsible for the beautiful music scores on True Blood.. Did I mention that I am a True Blood die hard fan(g)? Now you know.. 

The reason I really love this guy is the fact that besides being the composer to his wonderful musics, he's also well known for playing those songs himself! Now thats a wonder.. I mean, whats not amazing with a guy who could write sheets of harmony musics and play all those instruments himself! Violin, cello, piano, you name it, he plays it..  He also had wrote music scores on the famous movie Shutter and Hostel.. I adore him and his magnum opuses.. Well, its irony that he wrote the scores for True Blood which is highly proclaimed as the metaphor of the LGBT community and in 2010, he came out by telling people that he's bisexual.. It seems like more of this kind of people is coming out of the closet as if Ricky Martin had started the revolution.. To make things even more controversial, he is also named as one of the hundred most influential LGBT individuals of the year by OUT magazine (never heard of that magazine before.. But what I know, its a magazine.. and thats that.).. 

That music you're listening to, its not 'First Taste' as the title on the muzicons suggests.. Actually, the music is 'Bill and Sookie's Theme'.. If you're True Blood's fan(g), you might notice this music when it comes to the erotic scenes involving vampire Bill and Sookie.. Take a deep listen to the music and you'll see that its a perfect music to fuck a vampire.. I mean, its all gloomy in an erotic sense and mysterious in the same time.. A recipe for a wonderful stay-in-mind vampire-fucking session.. 

However, I cant really say that this is Nathan's best piece.. Theres lots more harmonically well composed music, but this is the one that can remind us to most of the other of them.. Try listening to this music and watch the actual scene.. You'll notice that its not really the exact background music! But still, there's still a hint this 'Bill and Sookie's theme' in those other musics.. They may not be identical twins, but for sure, they're siblings.. You know, similar hair colour, shape of face, and everything.. What I love most bout this music is that its just wonderful! its an orchestra of harmony music accompanied with passion and feelings that you might not get in ordinary music piece.. Above all that, its a classic piece of modern art.. a lovely one, clearly..

Just so you know, my favourite Nathan's music scores are 'Vampire Love', 'First Taste', 'Unpacking Gran' and 'Grieve to Grave to Groove'.. These are all available in True Blood's OST ; season 1, 2, or 3.. So, enjoy this music and I hope you'll like it too..

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